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✅ Are you a business leader, consultant or expert in your field, struggling to get your wisdom and insights out into the world? (YES/NO?)

✅ Are you the slow track of relying primarily on referrals because you don’t have the time or patience to create engaging content for social media? (YES/NO?)

✅ Does the idea of having to consistently produce high-quality, stress you out? Is content a major stumbling block in your efforts to develop a powerful personal brand? (YES/NO?)

Hi – I’m Alastair! I’m the guy talking to you here on this page! I want to help you stop spinning your wheels and start driving leads and sales conversations! I’m trusted by leaders across the globe to solve this problem for them, and here’s how I can help fix it for you!

I understand your frustrations: you have significant knowledge to share, but finding the time and confidence to condense it and package it up as compelling content for social media feels overwhelming.

If you’re like many experts, you feel stuck, left behind in the digital age, losing potential opportunities, and you know you need to do something about it.

You’ve watched competitors making waves online, gaining recognition (and leads), while you are looking on from the sidelines.

You see the impact on their business as they leverage social media, enhancing their reputation, increasing their visibility, and driving a consistent flow of leads.

All the while, you’re relying on an unpredictable – and waning – stream of referrals and your expertise remains underutilized and unrecognized.

If you take no action, nothing changes.

Left unchecked, this situation could stall your growth, limit your reach, and let potential clients who need your expertise slip through your fingers.

Don’t let it continue to pass you by.

Screenshot from LinkedIn with "John hasnt posted yet" highlighted, and a callout asking Is This You? Do you want to 👉 stop procrastinating, 👉 stop missing out on opportunities, and 👉 start building authority and reputation as an expert?

But here’s the thing – it doesn’t have to be this way.

Educational and thought leadership content could be your game-changer. Especially through video.


1. Visibility & Engagement: Video content, due to its highly engaging nature, can skyrocket your visibility on social media platforms. It’s known to generate 12 times more shares than text and images combined (Brightcove, 2021). Imagine the impact of your content being shared across networks, reaching potential clients who’ve never heard of you before!

2. Demonstrating Expertise: Short videos are an excellent way to break down complex topics into digestible information, effectively demonstrating your expertise. This can directly influence purchase decisions, with 84% of people saying they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video (Wyzowl, 2021).

3. Increased Brand Trust: Posting educational content positions you as an authority in your field. This enhances trust and credibility, both of which are critical in the buying decision process. Nearly 50% of all business decision-makers say thought leadership content influenced their purchasing decisions (Edelman & LinkedIn, 2020).

4. Sales Conversations: Yes, these educational and awareness videos do serve as conversation starters. They catch the attention of potential clients and lead them to you. Businesses that prioritize content marketing receive 3x more leads than those that don’t (HubSpot, 2020).

Imagine shifting from being an observer to an active participant, leading discussions, being recognized for your expertise, and driving a consistent flow of leads. 

That’s the power of using video content for thought leadership.

One certain thing is: if you take no action, nothing changes.

Introducing “Authority Accelerator”

Your secret weapon to breaking free from these challenges and becoming a recognized authority in your field!

Through expertly crafted interviews, I’ll help you capture the essence of your expertise and position you as the go-to authority in your field.

No more struggling to find time to write, edit and publish your expert insights.

And there’s no need for you to spend hours editing or figuring out the intricacies of social media platforms – we can take care of it all!

Here’s how we can revolutionize your online presence:

Effortless Content Creation: Struggling to create and publish expert content? I’ve got you covered. It’s as simple as getting on a Zoom call – I will interview you about your subject of expertise. Each interview is meticulously designed to highlight your unique perspectives and insights. This is the catalyst for positioning you as an industry authority.

Simply show up on the call, share your knowledge, and we’ll turn it into content that resonates with your prospective clients.

Time-Saving: We can handle all the details. You simply show up for the video call.

Confidence-Boosting: No more second-guessing or procrastinating on content creation. We’ll help you showcase your expertise effectively, boosting your confidence and authority.

Lead Generation: With regular and engaging content, you’ll stay top of mind with your audience, attract new followers, and convert them into leads and clients.

Build a Personal Brand: Stand out from the crowd with consistently high-quality content that positions you as the go-to expert in your field.

Freedom from Dependency on Referrals: Diversify your lead sources and lessen your dependence on referrals. Cultivate an active, engaged social media following that generates leads.

Authority Accelerator can be your major stepping-stone towards the vision of becoming recognized as an authority in your field.

Are you ready to increase your impact? Click the button below to get started with Authority Accelerator, and let’s turn your expertise into engaging social content that resonates!

How It Works

How the Authority Interview Program Works

Our proven process is designed to capture the essence of your expertise and position you as the preeminent voice in your industry. Here’s how it unfolds:

1. The Authority Positioning Blueprint

Before we begin, we’ll invest time upfront to deeply understand your expertise, define your unique value proposition, and map out a comprehensive strategy for elevating your authority. This proven process ensures every piece of content we create aligns with your broader goals.

The Authority Positioning Blueprint

Before creating any content, we’ll work together to carefully define your unique expertise and how to best position you as an authority. This foundational step ensures everything we produce resonates with your ideal audience and elevates your industry influence.

During this phase, we’ll dig deep into:

  • Uncovering Your Specialized Knowledge: Through discussions, we’ll uncover the valuable insights that make your expertise one-of-a-kind and set you apart.
  • Crafting Your Professional Persona: We’ll create a well-rounded persona that captures your authentic voice, beliefs, and what makes you a credible, worth-following authority.
  • Understanding Your Ideal Clients: By getting to know the pain points of your target clients, we’ll shape messaging that directly speaks to their needs and positions you as the go-to solution.
  • Identifying Key Channels: Together we’ll pinpoint the best channels and platforms to amplify your authority based on where your specific audience is active.
  • Aligning With Your Goals: Whether driving sales, landing consulting work, or shaping industry conversations, we’ll ensure your content strategy connects to your overarching business objectives.

This in-depth upfront positioning work lays a strong foundation. From your first piece of content onwards, you’ll project an authoritative presence that attracts your ideal clients and accelerates your rise to industry leadership.

2. The Catalyst Interview

In this power-packed 60-minute session, you’ll engage in a riveting discussion meticulously designed to highlight your unique perspectives and insights. With my experience as a veteran interviewer, I’ll seamlessly guide our conversation, ensuring we capture the pivotal talking points that cement your authority.

3. Content Strategy Development

With your flagship interview as the foundation, my team will craft a comprehensive content strategy to extend your reach and authority across multiple channels. This includes dynamic video clips, podcast guest appearances, written thought leadership pieces, and strategic amplification campaigns.

4. Multimedia Content Production

Our experienced content team will take your interview and transform it into a suite of multimedia assets primed to elevate your brand. This includes:
  • Vertical video clips optimized for social media
  • Audio clips repurposed for podcasts and audio platforms
  • Quote cards and graphics highlighting your key insights

5. Strategic Amplification

Finally, we’ll collaborate to design a tailored amplification strategy, ensuring your content reaches the right audiences across the channels and platforms they inhabit. This multi-channel approach maximizes your visibility and cements your position as the go-to authority in your field.

What is Strategic Coaching?

Strategic Coaching is a core part of the service. There’s no point in creating a lot of content that doesn’t align with your business goals, your brand, and your strategy. 

Strategic Coaching is a process that we’ll go through as quickly or as slowly as you like, but we’ll ensure that your content is effective as well as efficient.

Here’s what it looks like:

You may already have most or all of the pieces in place – if so, great, we can just dive into the interviews!

But if you want to spend a little time we can go through the process to ensure that you get the most from your social media platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I don't have all the answers during the interview?

A: Don't worry about knowing everything. The Catalyst Interview is about sparking interest and sharing your story. If you're stumped, we'll move on. It's about being genuine, not perfect.

Q: I'm not comfortable talking about my topic on camera. Can you assist?

A: Absolutely. I'll help you feel at ease and highlight your expertise with questions that show off your strengths. Our goal is to make you comfortable and confident.

Q: Do I need special equipment for the interview?

A: No, I'll guide you on using what you have to achieve the best audio and video quality. I'll provide a checklist to make sure we're all set for a professional look and sound.

Q: How will we decide on the interview topics?

A: I'll work with you to outline the interview, focusing on topics that align with your expertise and resonate with your audience. We'll plan it together to ensure it reflects your strengths.

Q: Can the interview be turned into other content types?

A: Yes, we'll use the interview to create multiple content formats like video clips, podcasts, and articles. This approach helps extend your reach and engage more with your audience.

Q: How will my content stand out?

A: We'll pinpoint what makes you unique and build your content around that. Our strategy ensures your voice is heard loud and clear, even in a crowded space.

Q: What if I'm not good on camera?

A: It's normal to feel nervous. I specialize in making you comfortable on camera, ensuring the conversation flows naturally. It's about connection, not perfection.

Q: What's the cost for ongoing content strategy?

A: The initial interview is a one-time fee. If you're looking for continuous engagement, I offer monthly packages tailored to your needs, keeping your content fresh and relevant.

Q: Do I need to record in a professional studio?

A: No, a studio isn't necessary. We can achieve great results remotely, saving you the hassle and expense of a studio setup. The focus is on authenticity and quality.


The pricing outlined here is for our introductory phase and will rise by ~20-30% post-launch. Participants in our Pilot Program will secure these initial rates for the duration of their commitment, providing significant savings.

Unlock Your Authority: Choose Your Plan

Taster Interview

Get started with a single in-depth interview and see the Authority Accelerator in action.

$700 (one-time)

Get Started

Pro - Ongoing Authority Building

Maximize your impact with a dedicated content strategy and expert guidance.

  • Everything in Monthly Content Creation
  • Quarterly Strategy Review
  • Audience Growth & Engagement Support


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Premium - Authority Leadership

Become a recognized thought leader with premium content creation and amplification.

  • Everything in Pro Plan
  • Podcast Episode Development
  • Guest Outreach & Media Placement


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$ 1295 per month
  • Monthly strategic coaching sessions
  • Unlimited access to me and my team
  • Expert feedback and recommendations on content, tools
  • Expert guidance, avoid costly mistakes or time-consuming tangents


$ 1895 per month
  • Everything from Strategic Coaching
  • Includes monthly interview session with Alastair
  • Production of daily shorter format videos to leverage social reach
  • Production of weekly highlights videos suitable for YouTube
  • Leveraging shorter content formats for social reach
  • Grow YouTube presence
Best Value


$ 2995 per month
  • Everything from Content Creator
  • Covers all aspects of content production and scheduling for multiple channels
  • Comprehensive service, including social media publishing
  • Truly hands-off, "done-for-you" for maximum convenience and establishing authority in the market
Done For You

Custom: if you are looking for a tailored service with a mix of features we’ll be happy to come up with a bespoke offering for your requirements. Please schedule a call with Alastair to discuss your needs.

The "Insane" Special Offer Starter Pack

Starter Pack - Authority Accelerator

Feeling unsure about a 3-month commitment? That’s absolutely fine. In order to offer you a way to experience our service, we’ve crafted a special taster offer that gives you a ridiculous amount of value!

This is specifically designed to kind of test out this relationship, make sure it’s a great fit for both of us.

If it becomes clear that we’re not the right fit, we’ll refund your investment in full. We maintain this level of exclusivity to ensure the highest quality of service for our clients, only accepting those we’re confident we can serve to the best of our abilities.

30-minute Video Interview

We’ll schedule a 30-minute interview – you just need to show up on camera and chat with our expert interviewer, answering questions that have been strategically designed to showcase your expertise AND address important issues that your ideal client cares about

You relax and we handle the rest

And after that initial video call, you sit back and we’ll take care of the rest!

  1. Our team transform your 30 minute interview into 5 dynamic, shareable short video clips
  2. We’ll write a social media post to go a long with each video, with an appropriate call-to-action
  3. We’ll also create an engaging highlights video tailored for YouTube channel AND create a custom thumbnail AND write the video title and description text for you
  4. We’ll even package up the full original interview for you to share just like the highlights video

That’s one 20-minute interview turning into 7 incredible pieces of authority-building content

Yes, this is an INSANE amount of value.

To use the words of Alex Hormozi, this is “an offer so good you’d feel stupid saying No.”

If you love the results – and we believe you will – upgrading to a full-service package is as simple as a single click.

Because this offer is so value, we can only do it one-time per person, and our capacity is only to sell 2 of these every week, because it’s such a big time investment on our part. But we’re incredibly confident that you’ll love the service, that’s why we have this offer.

After secure payment via Stripe, you’ll be redirected to a scheduling page to book your Authority Accelerator Interview. The video call will be around 30 minutes, resulting in a ~20 minute interview. 

The interviewer is Alastair McDermott. He is a veteran podcaster, hosting four podcasts, and having conducted hundreds of podcast interviews and appearing as a guest on many more.

You’ll be the guest, and he’ll be interviewing you about your business.


After you schedule your interview, Alastair will send you a short video walking through the questions he’ll ask, and WHY he chooses those specific questions which are designed to maximise the value we get out of the interview.

The Starter Pack Content will be ready 5 working days after the interview takes place.

Sure, we have an express offering for an extra fee of $495 we’ll have your clips ready in 48 hours from the interview.

Contact admin@therecognizedauthority to order this service.

Yes, there’s a hard limit of 1 Starter Pack per business.

Because this offer is so value, we can only do it one-time per person, and our capactity is only to sell 2 of these every week, because it’s such a big time investment on our part. But we’re incredibly confident that you’ll love the service, that’s why we have this offer.

If you are looking for a custom package that is not listed on this page, please get in touch by booking a call, we’d be happy to help find a solution that works for your needs and budget.

In the B2B sector, establishing authority is everything, and video is simply the best medium to make a connection. Alastair put me at ease in the interview, yet meticulously captured the essence of my knowledge, and his team presented it in a way that's both engaging and informative. It was a seamless experience. This service is an invaluable tool for any professional looking to enhance their online visibility.
Josh Elledge

Who Wrote This Page?

Alastair McDermott

Hi – I’m Alastair!

I run The Recognized Authority which is an audio podcast and live-streaming video show with well over 100 episodes. I’m an independent consultant specializing in helping experts to become known as the recognized authority in their field.

I’ve researched and written extensively about building authority and a personal brand, as well as speaking with hundreds of well-known authorities on my podcasts. I’m an author, having commercially published and self-published books on podcasting, video and audio, and websites. 

I’ve been invited to guest on many podcasts and livestreams, as well as run webinars for organizations like the Institute of Management Consultant USA (IMC USA). I’d love to serve your audience by sharing my tips on building authority – please reach out on any of my socials!

As seen in

The Dream Team

But it’s not just me! I have an amazing team who make me look good! They work on everything that we produce. 

Aiko is my executive assistant and content producer. She manages the podcast content, writes text for social posts, and makes sure everything happens on schedule. She has been with me full-time since 2021.

Jayadeep is my senior developer, and he handles all the technical details that don’t involve video, e.g. coding, websites, etc. He’s been working with me since 2019.

Shayne is a fantastic writer with a marketing background. She identifies the best clips, and writes amazing titles.

Matty is my video editor. He produces all of these fantastic video clips that are filling up my social profile – and hopefully yours too!

We also have a network of skilled contractors who we have worked with in the past to help out.