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Do you have a clear call to action?

In order to have the best chance of winning prospective clients or even just getting another social media follower, it’s crucial that your message is very clear. Your call to action is a few simple words that can make or break the process. A call to action is a clear

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Where Does Your Ideal Target Audience Hang Out?

Now that you’ve got some educational or thought-leadership type content planned, the next step is to get it in front of your target audience. Have a Profile Everywhere I recommend that you have a business profile on all of the major networks that looks professional and contains your positioning statement

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Why Your Website Sucks and Your Web Designer Hates You!

Many web design trends and technologies have come and gone since I started building websites in the dark ages of 1996. But one crucial issue hasn’t changed much since day one: “Web design” is not really about “design” at all. If you’ve spoken to many business owners, you’ve probably heard

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Crafting Your Positioning Statement

For me, the single most important thing you must have clarity on in your business is your “positioning statement”. Your positioning statement defines your brand position, identifies your ideal customer and the problem you solve for them. A quick note on terminology: positioning statement can also be referred to as

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Who – Specifically – Do You Serve?

A fundamental element of a marketing strategy for a consulting business is to have a specific target market. You can probably help a whole range of different clients, and you might be tempted to keep your target market as broad as possible, particularly when times are tough and the economy

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