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Alastair McDermott - The Recognized Authority

Hi, I’m Alastair!

🎯 My mission is to help YOU earn more by building authority!

 Commanding premium fees. Working less hours. Enjoying your work more.

🔥 And that’s only the beginning. 

I will help you create content, build trust, and gain momentum that will generate a steady flow of strong, genuine, inbound leads you can turn on and off like a light switch!

Discover how you can rapidly become known as a Recognized Authority in Your Field with this free email crash course:

👉 command premium fees +

👉 cherry-pick the best projects +

👉 get off the gilded-hamster wheel of hourly-rate work +

👉 never have to suffer a bad-fit client again

Effortlessly Transform Your Expertise Into Impactful Daily Social Media Content

33 Ways Not to Screw Up
Your Business Podcast​

Do you want to:

✓ grow your audience?

✓ establish yourself as a thought leader or improve your engagement levels as an existing thought leader?

✓ build better relationships with potential and current clients that lead to increased earnings?

This book is for business leaders & entrepreneurs who want to start a podcast that achieves these goals, without screwing it up.

It includes in-depth coverage of 33 crucial elements for every business podcast. You’ll discover:

  • three critical strategic mistakes to avoid with your podcast
  • the best and worst podcast formats for business
  • how your business goal completely changes the type of guest you should invite
  • the rookie mistake many business owners make with podcast workflow
  • how to make a bland office sound like a professional recording studio

If you’re ready to create an effective podcast that achieves your business goals, read this book.

“The only podcasting guide you’ll need”

— Anne Janzer

33 Ways Not to Screw Up Your Business Podcast - book cover

“If you’re serious about starting your first business podcast, I guarantee that reading this book will be well worth your time and money”

— Jonathan Stark

The Podcasts

Accelerating Your Authority

Accelerating Your Authority
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Accelerating Your Authority is a high-frequency podcast & YouTube show featuring experts, consultants & principals from 6-7 figure consulting & expertise-based businesses in the B2B space.

~20 minutes/episode

The Recognized Authority

The Recognized Authority Podcast Cover
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The podcast that helps experts & consultants to rapidly build authority so that you can command premium fees, cherry-pick the best projects, get off the gilded-hamster wheel of hourly-rate work, and never have to suffer a bad-fit client again!

~45 minutes/episode
Weekly on Monday

The Specialization Podcast

The Specialization Podcast
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“The Specialization Podcast” is an educational series that empowers consultants and experts to implement specialization in their businesses, resulting in greater impact, higher fees, and better clients.

Through practical tips and insights, the podcast guides listeners in finding and defining their niche, building authority and expertise, and effectively marketing to potential clients. If you are a consultant or expert considering specialization, this podcast is a valuable resource.

Clock duration 10 mins
~10 minutes/episode
Infrequently updated

Thinking Out Loud

Tips and in-depth advice for experts, independent consultants & specialized consulting firms who want to build authority and trust with potential clients.

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