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Rochelle Moulton 
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Guiding invisible experts on the journey to becoming a recognized authority in your field, so you can increase your impact, command higher fees, and work with better clients.

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The Recognized Authority Podcast Trailer

How to Make $1 Million per Year as a Solo Consultant: The Recognized Authority Podcast Trailer “Episode 0”. This is a trailer for the upcoming The Recognized Authority Podcast, coming in 2021. In this trailer I play some clips from the show, including one guest describing

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How to Find Your Strategic Beachhead with Philip Morgan

Deciding how to specialize your business, and then actually implementing that decision are the two phases of specialization. In this episode, Philip Morgan and Alastair McDermott discuss the transition from generalist to specialized, and when specialization is less important. They also discuss when to use brand

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How to Stand the F*ck Out with Louis Grenier

[Explicit Language Warning] How can you stand out from the crowd when you are offering the same services as a thousand other consultants? Radical differentiation is the answer. In this episode you’ll hear Louis Grenier describe the steps you need to follow to Stand The F*ck

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Transparency Report: Behind the Scenes Numbers!

Bonus Episode! Transparency Report: Behind the Scenes Numbers Normally I do interviews, but today I’m doing a solo recording sharing what I call a transparency update. If you’re open to it, think that it’s good idea to share some numbers from your business. It can be

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The Final Episode of Marketing for Consultants

The Final Episode with Alastair McDermott Marketing for Consultants will soon be no more! In this short episode you’ll learn why it’s going away, and what’s going to happen next! We hope you’ll stick around for the next stage of the journey! Alastair & Aiko.  

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How to Write Useful Books with Rob Fitzpatrick

Many consultants consider writing a book. It can be an invaluable marketing tool that can generate new business, demonstrate your expertise, and position you as the authority in your field. But from a business perspective, most books are a failure. In this episode Rob Fitzpatrick and

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Improving Your Salescraft with Brendan McAdams

Most consultants love their work – but they don’t love selling their work.  In this episode, Brendan McAdams and Alastair McDermott discuss how to qualify your prospective clients so that you can sell more effectively. We discussed the fundamental principles of sales that are often overlooked,

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How to Stand Out As a Consultant with Luk Smeyers

Consultants are not in the business of selling methodologies – you’re in the business of solving a client’s problem. You need to be laser focused on your client and on solving their problem. In this episode Luk Smeyers and Alastair McDermott discuss why consultants say that

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How Plants Were the First Marketers with Leo York

Marketing and branding are often conflated: the distinction can feel more like semantics. But there’s a very real and easy to understand difference. In this episode, Leo York and I discuss the primitive origins of marketing, how plants were the first marketers, and how and why

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How to Do Value Based Pricing with Ron Baker

“You should raise your prices” is advice you’ll frequently hear on this podcast and elsewhere. But it’s not that easy to implement. In this episode, Ron Baker and Alastair McDermott discuss why pricing by the hour is a bad option, and why value pricing is better

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How to Charge More by Niching Down with Geraldine Carter

There is a direct connection between niching down and earning more money. In this episode, Geraldine Carter and Alastair McDermott discuss positioning and specialization. Geraldine outlines the direct connection between your specialized positioning and your ability to command higher fees. They also discuss pricing new service

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The Business of Consulting with David C. Baker

Running a consulting business can be exhausting. How can we make consulting easier to sell, easier to price, and easier to predict? In this episode, David C. Baker and Alastair McDermott discuss the business of consulting, including why research is crucial in positioning and standing out

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Running a Consulting Business with Molly Angel

The business of independent consulting can be challenging, no more so than for a change management consultant in the healthcare industry in the midst of a pandemic! In this episode, Molly Angel and Alastair McDermott discuss what it’s like to run consulting projects in challenging times.

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The New Publishing World with Melissa G. Wilson

Book publishing has changed dramatically over the past couple of decades. Traditional publishing no longer has a monopoly on distribution, and authors can thrive independently. Hybrid publishing models are springing up. What does it all mean for experts who write a book? In this episode, Melissa

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Making Video Marketing Easier with Nina Froriep

Video is the medium of choice for many, and the social platforms encourage and even incentivize us to upload videos directly. But so many consultants and experts are reticent to use video for marketing. Video seems complex, expensive and time consuming to produce, and requires “a

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Bland Content and Burnout with Craig Burgess

Special bonus episode: Bland Content and Burnout with Craig Burgess   This is a special bonus episode of the podcast, and it’s very different from our usual interview episodes. It’s a behind the scenes look at an impromptu conversation between Craig Burgess and I. This is

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Earning and Holding Attention with Ian Brodie

Attention is a currency, something we all spend on those who entertain us, and those who help solve our problems. In a cluttered, noise-filled world, getting your ideal client’s attention focused on your content is difficult, creating content that will hold their attention even more so.

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Building Your Audience with Dan Sanchez

Effective marketing is difficult to get right, and independents like us have a lot to juggle when marketing ourselves. Hubspot says that the biggest determinant of effective marketing is your audience. If we’re not properly targeting our ideal clients, we might as well not be marketing

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Specialization Case Study – ReeJade Richmond

Even just contemplating niching down your business can feel absolutely terrifying. That’s why I think it’s so important to hear from people who have done it successfully, and learn about the massive rewards that they are seeing. In this bonus episode, ReeJade Richmond and Alastair McDermott discuss

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Bonus Episode: Becoming a Recognized Authority

Bonus Episode: Becoming a Recognized Authority – Alastair McDermott with Tamara Howard To celebrate reaching 70 episodes, I have a special bonus episode for you! I was recently on Tamara Howard’s podcast The Better Way to Strategic Marketing where we had a conversation about authority and specialization.

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Write a Book in 30 Days with Steve Gordon

Books have long been associated with authority and thought leadership. “He wrote the book on it”, “She wrote the book on it” – that’s how we describe a true expert in a field. “Consultant, author and speaker” is the byline for many thought leaders, and even

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Stress-free Consulting Proposals with Reuben Swartz

Proposals are an essential part of winning business, but writing a consulting proposal is often a hugely time-consuming and frustrating process. In this episode, Reuben Swartz and Alastair McDermott discuss how to create a stress-free consulting proposal, what elements are essential in the proposal document, and

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Performing at the Highest Level with Joe Jacobi

In this episode, I speak with Olympic gold medalist Joe Jacobi about performance in sport and business. This conversation takes a slightly different road from other episodes, as we talk about the relationship between success and identity, why energy is crucial for performance & capacity, and

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How to Grow a Newsletter with Dylan Redekop

If you’ve done any research on marketing your consulting business, you’ll almost certainly have come across the advice to start an email newsletter or list. It’s a relationship with your audience that you own directly, without the interposition of a third party platform. You’ll often hear

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Developing Your Point of View

Point of view is something that can distinguish you from the crowd. It’s important, perhaps even essential, in building your authority and personal brand. It’s also one of those concepts in marketing that is frustratingly hard to define: it seems to incorporate perspective, tone, voice, positioning,

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Creating Demand with Chris Walker

Demand generation is the new buzzword in marketing, challenging the status quo. But is demand generation really different, and is it superior to lead generation? In this episode, Chris Walker and Alastair McDermott discuss why demand generation is important, how it is fundamentally different from other

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Radical Authenticity with Gill Moakes

What does it mean to be radically authentic? In this episode, Gill Moakes and Alastair McDermott discuss how radical authenticity can help you stand out in business, how to figure out the captivating part of who you are, and how to share that with others. They

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Business Innovation with Monique Mills

One of the best parts of running your own expertise-based business is that you get to choose the business model & strategy that you use. But with so many options available it can be hard to figure out the best way for you. In this episode,

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[Coaching] Podcasting & Social Media with Judson Rollins

Publishing is a crucial part of building authority, and there are myriad formats and platforms to choose from, including social networks, podcasts, and email. Today’s on-air coaching call features Judson Rollins, a pricing consultant who helps cargo transport providers increase their margins & grow their bottom

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Creating a Category of One with Louise Courville

It can be exhausting to be a self-employed consultant. Often you’re working more hours than you did when you worked your last corporate job. You are hustling to complete client work, fill your sales pipeline, and create content that meaningfully differentiates you from your competition. In

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Creating a Signature Talk with Carol Cox

If you’re like most consultants & experts, you can spend significant amounts of time creating new presentations, editing slides and documents. Yet often your hard work goes to waste when you decide not to use them. There is a better way. In this episode, Carol Cox

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Aligning Values and Business with Jeff Large

Values are what we stand for, the principles or philosophy we live by. But for many businesses, their values don’t mean a whole lot. In this episode, Jeff Large and Alastair McDermott get into the weeds on business values, discussing why they’re important, how they can

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Last chance to join Authority Labs

The next iteration of the Authority Labs mastermind group is starting next Tues 27th Sept. Authority Labs is a high-touch group program aimed at helping experts & consultants – like you! – to build authority rapidly. In this episode, I interview Rene Morozowich, one of the

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About the podcast

The Recognized Authority is the podcast that guides invisible experts on the journey to becoming a recognized authority in your field, so you can increase your impact, command higher fees, and work with better clients! This podcast features interviews with successful consultants – in any field – who are willing to share the ups and downs of their story to inspire and educate our listeners. We also interview marketing and sales experts who have a message or lesson that is relevant for a B2B professional services audience. We’ll cover all aspects of business developement, sales, marketing and lead generation with advice, tips and in-depth analysis specifically aimed at independent consultants & specialized consulting firms.
Alastair McDermott

Podcast Host & Marketing Consultant

Meet the host

I created the The Recognized Authority podcast to help independent consultants and experts to get more clients without being dependent on referrals.

I’m a former software engineer who has converted to “The Dark Side” becoming a business and marketing consultant. I built my first website on GeoCities in the before-time of 1996, and I’ve been hooked on websites ever since.

I left a safe corporate job in early 2007 to start and grow my digital marketing business during the worst recession in modern history – that was a wild ride!

Along the way I co-founded several start-ups, some of which were mildly successful, and I wrote a book called “Running a Website with WordPress: A Quick Guide for Business Owners”.

If you’re reading this, I’d love to connect with you on the socials – please add me on your social network of choice.

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