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Next Steps

Now it’s time for action!

Here’s your step-by-step  plan to create an effective lead magnet:

☑️ Document your client transformation process/framework

☑️ Break down the steps and identify problems clients face

☑️ Focus on top 1-2 steps of the process

☑️ Brainstorm quick win problems to solve at this stage

☑️ Pick a lead magnet format that delivers immediate value

☑️ Avoid lengthy options like free chapters that don’t give a quick win

☑️ Create a title, description, and image conveying the benefit

☑️ Validate the concept – would readers pay for the value?

☑️ Create simple lead magnet content focused on the problem

☑️ Share on social media and collect names of interested people

☑️ Send completed lead magnet to interested people via DM

☑️ Follow up via DM/email with questions to continue conversation

☑️ Offer a phone call to discuss helping them further

☑️ Move them through your transformation process