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Creating a Destiny Driven Lifestyle Speaking with Moira ni Ghallach贸ir

October 26, 2022
Accelerating Your Authority

Accelerating Your Authority is a high-frequency podcast & YouTube show featuring experts, consultants & principals from 6-7 figure consulting & expertise-based businesses in the B2B space.

In this episode of 馃殌 Accelerating Your Authority, your host Alastair McDermott speaks with International business coach and speaker, Moira ni Ghallach贸ir聽about creating a destiny driven lifestyle speaking.

Moira shows coaches, business leaders and serviced based entrepreneurs how to build a top tier income from speaking and become a sought after authority worldwide.

She went from being a youth worker living in London making 30k a year to a business mentor and speaker, building a multiple 6 figure revenue just two years after she discovered the power of speaking and now shows her clients how to do it in half the time.

She has captivated audiences worldwide with her powerful presentations, her retreats in Paris, New York, Valencia, Dublin and soon Morocco, sharing the outstanding success stories from her clients who have created financial independence for themselves.

She hosts a powerful training every single month called 鈥淭he Dial In Your Destiny Challenge鈥, as part of her mission to help her with her mission to help female entrepreneurs be recognised for who they truly are and make the impact they were born to make. Not some day but NOW!

馃憫 Moira ni Ghallach贸ir ‘s No. 1 tip to build authority is: Authority is a knowing for me, it鈥檚 being is clear and certain on what you to say you鈥檙e unshakeable and that鈥檚 an energy that can鈥檛 be faked, that鈥檚 authority.

Knowing what you do, and they way you do it works every time.

Authority is not only about having the letters and the accolades anyone can have those.

But not everyone can show up with the kind of authority that makes people pay attention and attention is priceless currency.

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