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Are You a Consultant or Expert Who Wants To Work Fewer Hours With Better Clients & Higher Fees Without Having To Be Aggressively “Salesy” or Inauthentic?

It’s not impossible, but it can be hard to achieve without some external help.

“It’s hard to read the label from inside the bottle”
– David C. Baker, “The Business of Expertise”

Are You Stuck in One of These Consulting “Traps”?

  • The Feast or Famine Trap, where you’re so busy with a project, that when it ends you don’t have the next client lined up
  • The Hourly Rate Trap, where you are earning a good hour or day rate, but you don’t have time for strategy and future value creation
  • The Invisible Expert Trap, where you are an expert in your field, but you command lower fees than less qualified competitors with better marketing
  • The Imposter Syndrome Trap, where you are an expert in your field, but you doubt yourself, your knowledge and your skills
  • The Generalist Trap, where you lose out projects to more specialized competitors
  • The Tapped Out Network Trap, where the initial bump is gone and your network is passing on less referral work than it did in your first 18 months

It's not just you: selling consulting services actually is more difficult than selling other products and services!

  • You are “selling the invisible”, intangible services that are often difficult to explain, and for clients to understand and value
  • Past clients often don’t want publicity around your project
  • A consulting engagement is typically a long term relationship, not a quick transaction and clients are wary of entering
  • Transformative consulting projects with big results are oftenhigh risk and high cost
  • Unlike other fields with well defined outcomes, consulting projects can often start without scope
  • Unlike other professional services such as accounting or legal advice, the problem the client is experiencing is often not well understood
  • Your expertise is the product, and “selling yourself” is something very few true experts enjoy

The good news is that with a few simple - but not easy - tweaks to your strategy, you can achieve your goals of better clients, higher fees and fewer hours.

It’s a journey and takes time to implement. Having some guidance and an experienced sounding board can reduce risk and help hasten the process.

I can help.

Here’s some things I can help with:

  • specialization & choosing a niche
  • picking the right lead generation strategy for you
  • figuring out your service offerings & pricing
  • reviewing or creating website & online sales funnels
  • planning your podcast or book

Here’s some things I can’t help with:

  • I don’t work with anyone outside the professional services space
  • I don’t offer a “done for you” lead generation service
  • I don’t offer website maintenance or content editing

If you are looking for help with the above, I can refer you to some trusted providers.

I'd love to help if we are a good fit. This is for you if:

  • You are a consultant or subject matter expert in your field
  • You are already serving clients and have a track record of successful projects
  • You understand that major changes won’t happen overnight
  • You are serious about investing time and money in building your business
  • You are open to advice and trying new ideas ​​​​​​
  • You want to have more time to read and especially to write

Would you like to know more?

Schedule your free call to discuss your situation and see if it’s a good fit.