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Mastering Your Mindset: How to Survive Extreme Challenges with Damian Browne

July 3, 2023
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The podcast that helps experts & consultants on the journey to becoming a recognized authority in your field, so you can increase your impact, command premium fees, work less hours, and never have to suffer a bad-fit client again!.

In the often lonely journey of running a business, mastering your mindset and self-talk is critical.

In this episode of The Recognized Authority we explore this connection between mindset, self-talk, and success in challenging circumstances with extreme adventurer and former professional rugby player Damian Browne.

Host Alastair McDermott and Damian discuss the transition from professional rugby to extreme adventuring, Damian provides a look into the inspiration he derives from ultra-endurance athletes, his deep-rooted dedication to improving as an athlete, and his eventual decision to embrace extreme adventures as a full-time career. They discuss the remarkable challenges he has faced along the way, including a medical evacuation during a cross-Atlantic expedition and the continuation of his journey solo against the odds.

They dig into the importance of controlling self-talk for fostering a positive mindset, and how physical processes can access positive states of mind. Damian talks about managing the intricate balance between performance and safety during his expedition, and touches on practical aspects like learning how to live with discomfort. He is deeply self-aware, and is brutally honest with us about the mistakes in planning his most recent trans-Atlantic mission.

Alastair and Damian discuss the critical need for external guidance and the role it plays in pushing oneself beyond conventional boundaries. Damian shares his new venture – Iron Mind Institute – aimed at encouraging individuals to embark on physical, mental, and emotional challenges that unleash their untapped potential.

Tune in to this insightful episode and start your own journey towards a better mindset and personal growth!

Show Notes

Guest Bio

Damian Browne is an extreme adventurer, peak performance athlete and International keynote speaker from Galway, Ireland. In October 2022, Damian became the 1st person ever to row across the North Atlantic from New York to Galway.


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