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Start Here: From Expert to Recognized Authority

My Goal: To help YOU earn more by building authority! Commanding premium fees. Working less hours.

Enjoying your work more. And that’s only the beginning. You will not have to rely upon “hope marketing” – referrals or networking to grow. We will help you create authentic content, build trust, and gain momentum that will generate a steady flow of strong, genuine, in-bound leads you can turn on and off like a light switch!

馃憠 Strategy for Building Authority

馃憠 Specialization & Positioning

The Specialization Workbook – a free tool to help you find your specialist niche.

The Specialization Podcast – a free audio course to help you understand why & how to niche down and specialize.

You on Video & Microphone

Your audio & video quality is more important than many believe: learn how to look good and sound good on video & podcasts with this free ebook published by Oak Tree Press

Content Creation

Audio Podcasting