Over the course of well over 100 podcast episodes, I’ve spoken with guests who are unquestionably authorities in their field.

That includes the likes of Alan Weiss, Marcus Sheridan, John Lee Dumas, Evelyn Starr, Mark Schaefer, David C. Baker, Ron Baker, Michael Zipursky, Anne Janzer, Jonathan Stark, Geraldine Carter, Louis Grenier, Philip Morgan, Rochelle Moulton, Norbert Schwarz, Monique Mills, and many more. (Find those interviews here).

I spoke with each of them for 45-60 minutes, and I always asked them about their thoughts on building authority – including their number one top for anyone who wants to build authority.

I’ve compiled all of their advice and recommendations and distilled it down into this list of the top ten guidelines for establishing authority! AND to make it super-practical, I’ve also suggested 3 actionable tips for you to implement each one of these tactics. Make sure to check out the linked resources and interviews.

1. Share Your Knowledge to Be Seen

Sharing your knowledge publicly is crucial for building authority. By writing articles, giving talks, participating in discussions, or running workshops, you not only showcase your expertise, but also provide value to your audience. This consistent sharing of knowledge increases your visibility, establishes your credibility, and fosters a reputation as a recognized expert in your field.

Actionable Tips

  • Start a podcast or video series and regularly publish on topics helpful for your clients
  • Host a series of webinars or workshops to share your experience or findings
  • Guest on other’s podcasts, webinars and blogs to reach a larger audience

2. Strong, Polarizing Point of View

Having a strong, potentially polarizing point of view can set you apart in your field. This isn’t about being controversial for its own sake, but about demonstrating conviction and deep understanding. By confidently taking a stand, you invite conversation, challenge the status quo, and prove yourself to be a thought leader.

Actionable Tips

3. Niche Positioning & Clear Messaging

To be memorable it’s important to have a specific niche, and create compelling messaging to communicate your value proposition clearly. When you narrow your focus and clarify your message, it helps potential clients remember who you are AND understand what you offer.

Actionable Tips

  • Listen to The Specialization Podcast and niche down to establish a unique position in the marketplace
  • Create a clear, concise mission statement that defines what you do and who you serve
  • Consistently use this focused messaging in all of your writing and speaking

4. Develop Unique IP

Developing unique intellectual property (IP) is a powerful way to distinguish yourself. This could be a unique methodology, tool, or insight that you create based on your expertise. When you offer something valuable that is unique to you, you are demonstrating expertise, creativity and innovation. Your IP address can be a valuable resource for your audience and help establish your credibility.

Actionable Tips

  • Develop a unique methodology or framework related to your expertise
  • Create educational resources or tools that demonstrate this IP
  • Name and trademark your IP to establish it as uniquely yours

5. Do Research

Research is fundamental to true expertise. A commitment to learning and growth not only ensures that your knowledge remains current, but also shows your audience that you’re genuinely interested and dedicated to the field.

Actionable Tips

  • Conduct original research in your field and publish your findings
  • Share your insights on recent research from others with your audience
  • Regularly speak with your peers to network and stay up to date with developments in your niche

6. Build a Platform

A platform provides a space for you to share your knowledge and connect with your audience. This could be a blog, a podcast, a YouTube channel, or a social media account. Your platform enables you to engage with your audience, and establish a strong online presence. This visibility and engagement is crucial for building your authority and influence.

Actionable Tips

  • Launch a podcast or YouTube channel dedicated to your area of expertise
  • Develop a strong social media presence, focusing on ONE Primary Platform where your audience is active
  • Create an engaging website to serve as your online hub
  • 7. Be Consistent

    Consistency is key to building and maintaining authority. This means being consistent in the quality of your work, the message you convey, and the presence you maintain. By regularly sharing high-quality content and insights, and by being dependable in your interactions and commitments, you build trust with your audience. Over time, this trust translates into a solid reputation as a reliable expert in your field.

    Actionable Tips

    • Post content regularly – weekly to start, and daily when you are more experienced
    • Stay consistent with your messaging and branding across all platforms
    • Whether it’s blogs, videos, podcasts, or social media updates, follow a schedule for your content to build audience expectation and loyalty

    8. Be Authentic

    Authenticity is essential in building trust and credibility. It’s about embracing and leveraging your unique skills, experiences, and perspectives, rather than trying to fit a certain mold. By being genuine and true to yourself, you show your audience that you’re a real person they can relate to.

    Actionable Tips

    • Share your personal experiences and stories – no AI can fake your lived experience
    • Express your genuine feelings and thoughts in your content
    • Stay true to your values, even if they go against popular opinion

    9. Be Passionate

    When you are genuinely passionate about your work, it’s evident. Your communication, your attitude can energise and inspires others. They will be more likely to trust your guidance and follow your advice. Passion can be contagious, and attract an audience who appreciates your enthusiasm.

    Actionable Tips

    • Speak at events and demonstrate your passion for your field
    • Share why you love what you do
    • Invest time and money in your own ongoing education and professional development

    10. Be Patient

    Patience is vital in the journey of building authority. It takes time to establish yourself as an expert, to gain recognition, and to earn trust. Becoming an expert, gaining recognition, and earning trust takes time. Keep learning, keep trying, and keep growing, even if (when!) you don’t see results right away.

    Actionable Tips

    • Start creating and sharing valuable content right now
    • Set short- and long-term goals and celebrate your small victories

    Authority is built step by step, and just like going to the gym, you won’t see results instantly. But you are guaranteed to make zero progress if you do nothing.. So take action and trust the process!