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The Go-Giver Approach to Authenticity & Authority with Bob Burg

Can you build authority and trust by just being yourself? Legendary sales trainer and author Bob Burg joins host Alastair McDermott on Episode 134 of The Recognized Authority to discuss how to build authority and influence through authenticity and generosity. They explore the difference between moral and positional authority, and

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How I Produce Quality Content in Just 2-4 Hours a Week

In this week’s episode of The Recognized Authority, I share how I create high-quality content in just 2-4 hours of my time per week. My focus is on producing quality content that resonates with my target audience on social media. I dedicate time blocks for content creation and leverage strategies

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Why Your Video Backdrop Matters: A Guide for Thought Leaders

Creating a Great Video Backdrop Video calls have probably become a cornerstone of your daily routine, whether you are meeting with clients, delivering presentations, or guesting on a podcast to discuss your latest book. And let’s be realistic — appearances matter. What’s behind you when you appear on video impacts

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Practical Steps to Build Your Authority

In previous articles I talked about why you should build authority, and I broke down the Journey to Authority into its separate stages. Here I want to talk about what it takes to move from each stage to the next. Practical Action Steps to Build Authority These are the practical action steps

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The Journey to Authority

In the last article, I talked about why experts like us might want to build authority, and what other options we have. Here’s what I’ve learned about the Journey to Authority over the past few years*. The Journey to Authority The Novice On the road to authority, everyone starts out

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Why Build Authority?

Have you ever looked at a leading authority and thought about how they got there? Or maybe you’ve read their best-selling book, listened to their Top 1% podcast, or watched their amazingly edited videos, and felt disheartened, because you feel a long way from being able to do that. Here’s

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