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This Unexpected YouTube Strategy Made $300K in ONE MONTH! with Cyan Cooper

May 20, 2024
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The podcast that helps experts & consultants on the journey to becoming a recognized authority in your field, so you can increase your impact, command premium fees, work less hours, and never have to suffer a bad-fit client again!.

What unexpected YouTube strategy could potentially earn you as much as $300K in just one month? In this episode of The Recognized Authority, host Alastair McDermott talks to Cyan Cooper about his counterintuitive strategy for generating massive revenue on the platform.

Instead of narrowly targeting his client’s niche, Cyan intentionally made videos for a much broader, “wrong” audience. Incredibly, this unlocked 100% more revenue in just 30 days time! Cyan and Alastair unpack this strategy, and also discuss insider tips such as:

  • Why creating content for tangentially related audiences can pay massive dividends
  • How to ethically use “clickbait” titles and thumbnails to skyrocket views
  • Video production tricks to maximize watch time and engagement, and
  • An AI arbitrage opportunity to quickly scale your content to new languages

Don’t miss this fascinating discussion on contrarian YouTube tactics that could transform your channel’s performance. Tune in now!

Show Notes

Key Insights:

  • Targeting a broader, “wrong” audience can unlock much higher views and revenue than narrowly focusing on your core audience
  • Using compelling, “clickbait” style titles and thumbnails is ethical and effective as long as you deliver on the promise made
  • Having strong intros that hook the viewer, convey your authority, and create stakes is critical for maximizing watch time
  • Extensive research and a high “value-to-words ratio” is key for viral educational videos
  • AI translation offers an arbitrage opportunity to quickly launch successful foreign language channels


  • Look at the topics/videos that your competitors are getting disproportionately high views on—these indicate what your audience is interested in
  • Pin a comment on older, successful videos linking to an updated, enhanced version rather than replacing the original
  • Being an expert on a topic isn’t enough; you should also use a tool like ChatGPT to identify all the key points to cover for any given topic

Steps to create a high-performing video:

  • Identify the topics your target audience is interested in
  • Come up with a compelling, clickable title and thumbnail first before creating the video
  • In your introduction, confirm to your audience that you will give them what they came for, and leverage your authority to reassure them you’re the right person to listen to
  • Deliver on the promise made in the title/thumbnail with high-value, concise content
  • Research thoroughly to cover all relevant angles without fluff or rambling
  • Include clear structure and transitions to improve retention

Learn more about Cyan here:

Guest Bio

Cyan is the co-founder of 100C, a full-service YouTube agency that builds hugely profitable YouTube channels for 6-to-7 figure business owners. His clients have become the top authority in their respective industries simply by taking 30 minutes each week to record the video scripts his company sends them. Optional third sentence: Before becoming a YouTube expert, Cyan lived in China for 10 years, where he learned Mandarin and built a 7-figure footwear manufacturing agency.


[0:00] So, what is the secret to making bank on YouTube? Today, I’m going to be talking with my guest about how he made the wrong content for his clients. Oh, sorry How they made the content for the wrong audience and that enabled them to earn $300 thousand in 1 month for the channel so this is a super interesting strategy And totally candering cute off blew my mind when I was talking to him about so that’s going to be next.

[0:29] Recognized authority a podcast that helps specialized consultants and domain experts on your journey to become known as an authority in your field. Here is your host Alister McDermott. Today’s episode is brought to you by website doctor, which is my other brand Alongside the recognized authority. Website doctor is a small web design agency that focuses on creating websites for professional services. Experts consultants and people in the B to B professional services expertise space and in fact that’s where the recognize authority came from when I wanted to create a And add on or focus on the authority building part of the puzzle website doctor still runs in the background and we’ve been building websites since day one in 2007 and fact of personally been building websites since 1996 so Been there donut and bought that T-shirt. So, if you’re looking for a website for your expertise based business, then, check out website doctor. Com and schedule a call with me. I’d love to chat with you and see if it’s a good fit The link is in the show notes or you can visit website doctor all spelled out. Com and now on with the episode.

[1:33] And so for the second time on this show I’d like to welcome science are you very welcome to show.

[1:39] Thank you. Thank you. Glad to be back. So, we we had AA quick pre chat and, When you post that this really casual intuitive strategy you create a content for the wrong audience right can you tell me about that because because this just sounds like this just sounds crazy Yeah, so just to give a quick background on what we do. We essentially, we do done for you YouTube services for clients. For business owners.

[2:04] They’re often, you know, a lot of business owners want to have a YouTube channel but they don’t have the time to actually make it. So, we do everything for them. So, they can, Just sit down have a script in hand read it to the video it only takes them about 30 minutes every single week and then we take care of everything else So we are essentially are in the background choosing the different topics that we’re writing about and then preparing these scripts and giving them to our clients and yeah we you know we we’ve been doing this for a long time so we have a lot of experience, Taking the more conventional route of targeting the exact people who you’re trying to appeal to but we we have eventually with our client we talked out, We got to a point where she was the number one authority in in the very small niche that that she was in charge of. Since we’re using numbers, I I agree. I promise to where I wouldn’t say specifically who she is or what she does. But it’s she she I can’t say that she’s a lawyer.

[3:00] And so for her specific case type she was not able to get past a certain Silly we we had that that was around $150 thousand a month that we were doing and.

[3:14] We started to experiment to try and and break past that ceiling and So, we, as we started to expand the audience and try people who were maybe one step removed from our exact target audience, we’re we’re looking for. We started to see momentum. And eventually we went ahead and we went as bright as possible Without leaving the overall niche of law that she is in and targeted a group who, Primarily would not most of them are just not going to be interested in what she does. But it’s a massive group of people. And when we, when we made videos targeting that group of people And we we eventually had them start to go viral. Some of them got up to one of them got up to 500 1000 views. Within SAR because of the nature of YouTube and the way that it works that trickle down into her other content that we had already We’d already been posting four her specific case type and so in the end result for this was that the, Amount of money she she was making on a monthly basis a double it went from We went from 150 1000 a month up to 300 1000 in a month. And now afterwards, after having these videos go viral, we have a new baseline Where every single day the amount of views that we’re getting have have more than doubled and so that That extra that that bump in views also correlates with a bump in revenue that continues on into the future.

[4:42] Yeah, This is this is super interesting because I I think that you know as as marketers in in the B to B space so the way I think about this.

[4:54] We’re creating very niche content for a very niche audience and one of the issues that we have that that I found in and as I talked to other people in their space is that The algorithms tens the algorithm in YouTube and and the other social media networks they tend to favor, Content that has broader appeal. And when you create really niche content, You may not need a big audience to get a lot of sales. That’s that’s one advantage of being very specialized. But you certainly don’t you know you you don’t rack up huge numbers of you know you don’t rack up the the impressive numbers that you see elsewhere. And so particularly you know if you compare it to be Versus B to C. The consumer facing stuff gets way more like 1100 times more in terms of views, likes, engagement, all that kind of stuff. So what you’re talking about here is You’re talking about a way to grow the audience by way to grow the number of views and revenue by creating content that is off Off target can you talk a little bit more about how you think I know you can’t give us like absence specifics about the the content itself but can you talk a little bit about coming maybe you can pick a hypothetical example or something because I I want to just figure out.

[6:08] Like what was the contents like how was the targeted previously and and how was the targeted now that the experimental content you’re creating, In anticipation of you asking that exact question. I actually prepared a hypothetical. Then I even checked on YouTube and it literally worked, would work the same way. So.

[6:26] If you if you and I believe you’re a lot of your audiences is in consulting. So I went with a consulting example. If if you did business management consulting For family owned businesses family owned small businesses you could make videos about, Like specifically targeting small family-owned businesses and until you’re blew in the face And you would likely you would be lucky to have any of those videos break 10 1000 views They likely wouldn’t you wouldn’t see any of them go to you know 50100 1000 however if you, Talked about some of the same principles that you would that you would discuss four family based businesses. But instead of packaging it as family based family-based businesses you you package it as just for small businesses all of a sudden the the audience that you’re reaching is massive And your videos can can get 300 1000, you know, up to probably up to a one 1 million depending on what topic you touch on. And, The larger audience of small business owners who end up coming into your channel the majority of them are not going to be interested in what you sell because what you sell specifically catered to family on businesses.

[7:41] But a small percentage of that very large audience. Will be family owned businesses and they will find their way into your family own business videos that will also be on your channel and that small percentage of that large audience Will likely be much bigger than the large percentage of the small audience you’d previously been targeting, So I I imagine that there’s probably two two trains I’ve thought that might be going through somebody listening in watching this one is we’ll You’re always talking about specialization and this is basically the opposite of that. And and then the other is we’ll do if you if you create content for a big audience you’re going to get more views. So, Let’s let’s talk about those because though like the I think that’s like Like we talk about specialization and the way I think about specialization is like it’s it’s almost like a superpower.

[8:34] Because when you tell somebody that you’re that you help There their type of business specifically with the problem that that they have they feel like you’re like you know you’re only talking to them and specialization you know It’s it it can be a superpower in unlocking a relationship with a potential client. But on the flip side we’re seeing particularly in algorithms and and and you’re talking specifically about YouTube here, App. The opposite is also something that can work where you say, okay, I’m going to go broader. Yeah, do you have any thoughts on that? Yeah well I would clarify I would one thing I would I would make clear is that like it both in our case and in our case study that we actually did and in the example that I provided the.

[9:22] The there is AA commonality in the demographics that your targeting. So, in the example that I just gave, you, family-owned businesses are a version of As of small business owners. And so when you’re making content when you go broad and you’re and you you go outside of your your narrow niche you’re not suddenly targeting chefs or you know film aficionados or whatever you’re you’re still targeting small business owners which Of which family owned business owners are a subject of So I would caution you not to go too broad. You can you can go you can go much brighter than you probably think. And this was a big revelation for us because for a long time we thought that we’d be as narrow as possible So that every single video we made like perfectly appealed to our exact target audience. That’s not the case. You can go much brighter while but at the same time, make sure that your demographic Like the umbrella demographic if that makes sense is still kind of the same profile. That’s super interesting. Do when you look at this and I don’t know if this is something that you do like did you look at the positioning of the business as a whole? In terms of how how your client was, you know, marketing and representing, you know, talking about in this hypothetical.

[10:42] Targeting family-based businesses like did you change any of the messaging on the website or the cult to action or anything like that, I mean we made the website for our client we we did make a point to to make it to make the copy as conversion based as possible but it it most of the the trap most of the traffic that gets driven to the page, Just go straight to a contact page and there’s nothing fancy about it and the reason why we can get away with that on YouTube is because the nature of the platform is such that, People your audience before they reach out to you to do business together they’ve often watched many of your videos and each of the videos you know we make most of the videos we make are like They’re like 20 minutes long and so if somebody’s watched You know, 520 minute, long videos with you. There any feel like they’re really familiar with who you are, what what you do, they’re confident in your capability. So, when they make the decision to then reach out to you It is it is it’s already a done deal in their head And that’s one of the things that we actually we actually got back from our clients sales team is that the leads they get from YouTube Are so they they convert at such a high number because they come ready to.

[11:57] Ready to buy. They’ve already made up their mind. They already they already trust our client because she’s demonstrated such expertise on camera. Yeah and and this is something that I found and other people have talked about other guests in the podcast have I’ve talked about this you know when people, Listen to your podcast, watch videos, consume a lot of your content. I think in particular, audio and video content That they do turn up more ready to buy that it’s more about you know can you help me And do you have availability rather than you know getting into discussions about services and pricing and things like that so and there’s a lot less push back about pricing because they they already know that value that you can provide. So I’m not at all surprised by that. Ehm So I think that like what were this this kind of goes back to how what we were talking about before before the show where we’re talking about, Clickbait style headings and we’ve gone with an you know even using the word clickbait we discuss that, Clickbait style I guess not actually clickbait where where you’re actually delivering on the value, I think you said something and please please correct me. You said something like you can choose to do that. Eh or you can choose not to do that and and possibly reach a smaller audience. Okay can you just tell me how you think about this.

[13:19] It’s human psychology, right? Human beings, human beings have always responded to certain forms of language and they and they likely always will. And you can try and take the higher road And avoid things that sound click baby, But you’re not it’s not going to get you the same amount of views as if you bite the bullet and you use proven formulas proven title formulas, That people respond to that you know people respond to and the thing about the thing about quote unquote clipbait is that it’s only clickbait if You, if when people click on it, it doesn’t deliver what they’re looking for. So, you know, if you’re, if you’re making some big, bold claim like here, here, you know, in this particular.

[14:02] Episode, we titled, I think it’s titled something along the lines of, you know, how to make bank on YouTube. Well, that’s a pretty big claim. You know, talking about making bank but we’re backing it up with real evidence that yes, in fact, this worked, you know, 300 K in a month, So, it’s not click bait. People don’t feel like they are ripped off when they when they click on it. And so the next time you put out a video with a with a clickbait title Quote unquote click bait title they’re going to click on it because they’re going to believe that you’re going to deliver on the promise that you made in that title.

[14:29] Yeah and I don’t really like the phrase click worthy but I think it’s probably more more accurate You know that that it’s the content that you’re creating is worthy or or you know delivers on the promise that you’re making. And and so what we call this was the secrets to making bank on YouTube. And, Like you’re somebody who I always read. Whenever you post about titles I I love the way you talk about titles for YouTube and it You know, changes the way I think about that as well. But yeah, like, why, why is it that we feel, you know, this is something that I see in And the world professional services I think it fit we feel like we have a certain gravitas to what we do, And that we we we shouldn’t you know like we should take the high road and we should be careful about, About using this kind of language. But if if this is what is what it takes to actually get our message out there then maybe we need to find the middle ground between the high road and the low road, I think of it kind of like sales. You know, a lot of people are really uncomfortable.

[15:37] You know, having a strategy, having like a sales strategy, when they get on a call with with clients, a lot of new business owners feel really uncomfortable with the idea of quote unquote selling people. But eventually anybody who has a business long term the successful knows that that’s a that’s a bullet you have to bite as well so it’s kind of the same thing because you’re essentially selling people with your title, And it’s just, it’s just a, it’s just a fact of life in in the business world. If you want to be effective Yeah I mean in the world of traditional management consulting which I’m not from but I I know a lot of traditional as we can tell they don’t even use the word sales they they call it business development or biz dav or even BD because and that and that’s the way they they referred to sales You know, it’s it’s like the fact that they don’t even want to use the word is really really addressing. So, So yes so so when you told me about this ehm kind of counterintuitive ehm eh approach that you took ehm when we we talked about click by eh I think It’s it’s really interesting. Some of these tactics I know that some people in in my audience won’t be interested in doing. But they’re There are people out there who want to experiment and try and learn. Eh and that’s what I’m doing with all the content that I’m creating. I’m I’m eh learning an experiment all the time. I’ll be interested to see if If this episode gets more ehm gets more views more downloads more eh reaction because of the title because I know it’s a bit more clickbite style than some of the the typical more how to eh titles that I tend to go with.

[17:05] I’m I’m really interested in well because I I know that you are experimenting a lot with AI. And eh and videos. Can you tell me a little bit about what you’re doing and and you talked about ehm some opportunities in in AI that sent an interesting, Yeah so there is the technology is now available to not only translate a video from one language to another but even to change the mouth So that it looks like you’re saying a different language and we have actually we recently started a new project for the same client where we are taking the high performing English videos that we’ve made over the years, Raining them through this software you know we we hired it a Spanish speaking editor to go through and update all of the, Stuff on screen we do a lot of edit video editing with like text on screen and stuff so they they go through in the update all that so that’s all in Spanish and it’s all correct and then reposting it and we’re finding that it it works.

[18:04] It’s incredible. It it reliably, if a video performed well, on the English channel, it’s now, it’s then performing well on the Spanish channel even though You know the host isn’t isn’t even able to speak Spanish you know she’s it’s we just translated it and, Yeah it’s we already in the in the within the first two, 2 to 3 weeks of us posting videos we we posted some of the bigger videos including the the one that hit 500 1000 views that we talked about earlier and we got a brand new channel Up to I think it edits in the like the peak in 48 hours ahead almost 50 1000 views so, It’s I think the way I put it to you on before we got on this call was that it’s a massive arbitrage opportunity. If you already have high performing Videos on on a YouTube channel and you can start a new channel That’s specifically dedicated to a different language. Use AI to translate it and you know, update everything’s visually so that all works. It’ll looks the same.

[19:11] You reliably can see the same performance. Similar performance. In another language. This this is this is really interesting and it’s only it’s only going to work if you’ve already got stuff that is working For you and I’m just wondering then you probably you probably need some sort of like you need to think about like delivery And ehm you know in terms of service delivery and things like that. Cos if you’re going to be getting inquiries in in other languages you gotta be able to to service those. So you need the gym. Who can speak the language? Yep. Yeah, yeah, but but very interesting very interesting opportunity, particularly for, for people who can scale and I I guess one of the other, I mean, just thinking about this. If you, I mean, if you look at what’s working already for, for your competitors, you can probably do similar.

[20:04] And it’s probably some unethical things you could do with that as well. Well, I wouldn’t call it an ethical. It’s it’s you know, it’s very difficult to really get in the mind of the audience. And that’s key not only on YouTube but you know in marketing in general if you want if you want to be successful with what you’re doing you need to understand What your audience is looking for and when it comes to YouTube one of the one of the best ways that you can get into the mind of your audience is by looking at What topics within your particular niche that you’re targeting Are getting a disproportionate amount of views and views on YouTube very much correlate with interest not necessarily you know not perfectly but if you can find if you can look it say your competitors, Channels. And you can identify the outliers that are getting the disproportionate amount of views relative to the number of subscribers that they have that’s a sign that it’s a particularly Hot topic that people want to hear about. And we, you know, we launched the channel recently for not that recently, but we, when we watch, one of our most recent channels.

[21:10] We we did exactly that. We went and we we saw what people were primarily interested in. And in and we focus on that right from the get go and did multiple videos on the topic that was most popular and we immediately got traction and became relevant in the space so, You know, is it is it is it cheating? I don’t I don’t think so. I think it’s just observing what the market’s telling Yeah, yeah, absolutely. And and, I think that, you know, when we look, you know, this is something that when I look at the stuff that’s that’s out there that, you know, potential competitors of mine are making, It’s, It’s very different from how I would approach it and I think, well, you know what? Maybe I should experiment with some of those and and just see if I make my version of of that video, what does it look like? And I think that.

[22:04] Doing some more of that. I guess I’m I’m I’m just too lazy to do video editing. Is the real thing? So, I need to talk to somebody like you about that. Because because that’s the hard part, that’s the time considering part, And you don’t, you know, we have, we have competitors in our some of the spaces we compete in. Who will beat our videos with.

[22:27] With an unedited video of them just sitting in front of the camera and talking for like 20 minutes straight And the reason why they’ll beat some of our some of our other ones at least historically they would. Now, now now we’ve caught on to some tricks and so now we’re we’re beating them on all those fronts but what my point is is that You don’t need to have a video editor in order to do well on YouTube. Especially if you’re in a kind of like AA more narrow niche. Where you’re not competing with the with like really high level creators. You just you just competing with other business owners. And it and also when it comes to education content, the audiences, they don’t need a bunch of razzle dazzle to borrow a term from, Alex Ramosi they they they’re just looking for the information they want to learn and so if you’re able to understand what topics your audience is primarily interested in.

[23:18] And then and then understand within that topic what are the pieces That are most relevant that that people need to hear and you take the time to do that research and delay that video out before you sit down to record, That alone is you know pero principal that’s the 80 20 principal that’s like 80% of what you need to do in order to have your video perform well And if you can do that if you can identify what your audience wants and then put all of the important things into a video and get it to be you know Get it to be 15 minutes long 20 minutes long if you just sit in there talking to the camera if you nail it and your value to words ratio is high you’re not wasting people’s time.

[23:57] Your video will perform well. You could you very well could have it take off, So, it’s not out of reach of people who don’t have a team like us to help them. There’s just a few basic things that you need to make sure you’re checking off and you you can be come a real player very quickly, Thank you for saying that that’s that’s reassuring and and I know that that will be reassuring for for people who are in situation where I was when I started my I certainly couldn’t afford an editor I was just doing everything myself and You know, looking at this, thinking, I’ve gotta learn how to to, you know, I’ve gotta learn how to use a video editor. Never mind, hire a video editor.

[24:36] Said you there’s a few there’s three things there that you mentioned I want to look at first of all you you mentioned, There’s some tricks that you use now. Whatever ones you can tell us about. That that have got you back ahead of your competitors. That was one thing. Another is just any more.

[24:58] Tips for people who are specifically making educational content because I know a lot of people who are following this channel are people who are interested in making educational content and then That the you said there are some basic things you need to do. It will be nice to run down of what those are. So ehm is there any eh particular order you want to take those in Yeah, I mean, how much, how much time we got left? It’s not a ton of ’em. I’ll I’ll keep ’em, I’ll keep ’em brief. So, first, the basic things that people need to be doing In order to become in order to like really give their videos the best fighting chance possible and if you if you ever listen to any Youtube strategist or anyone talk about YouTube this is going to sound really familiar so one of them is packaging like we already talked about if you can’t And buy packaging I mean your thumbnail and your title if your thumbnail and your title Can’t move, can’t compel the audience to click, it doesn’t matter how good your video is. So, that’s obviously hugely important. One of the tricks to doing that right? Is to do it first. Before you make your video, you do your packaging. You I like we just discussed you identify the topic that you want to talk about.

[26:06] You may be even identify like the elements of that topic that you need to cover but then you sit down and you think okay What’s a thumbnail what’s a title that can that I can use to, That I know people are going to click on and it’s in alignment with this content and if you can’t find something that’s very compelling that you know is going to reliably get clicks you should probably skip that video.

[26:32] Or well if you know it’s something that your audience is really is really interested in maybe still make that video and just do your best to make the packaging as compelling as possible but, Like I just said if you’re packing isn’t compelling people aren’t going to click and then they’re not going to watch so it really doesn’t matter. So so do your best with that. So packaging strong intros the majority of your audience leaves within the first 30 seconds of your video, Most, you know, any given video you make is going to is going to land on new eyeballs who’ve never seen you before. They don’t know who you are. They’ve never heard your stuff and they can Immediately leave your video and go watch anything else that they want on YouTube so they’re actively looking for reasons to stop watching and so it’s your job right at the beginning to Reassure them that you are that like they’re going to in fact get what they clicked for going back to what we said before. It’s not clickbait.

[27:27] Appeal to your authority? So that they because if if you’re an education channel they want to know that you are the right person to educate them and if they have no idea who you are then write up the gate you want to share who you are what your accomplishments are why are you uniquely qualified to do that, And then and then beyond that you can do other things like create steaks Where like if you don’t, you know, if you don’t listen to what I’m about to, you know, obviously, this is a really exaggerated version of of creating steaks but you know, if you don’t listen to what I’m I’m about to tell you over the next 20 minutes. Your business is going to fail or something like that. You create, you can create steaks, and you can also make a promise. You can be like, you know, this is going to save you, Years. Of wasted effort in your business. Have you listened to this? But those it really depends on your audience. Some audiences have a really low tolerance for long intros And they just want you to get into it. A lot of a lot of audiences feel that way. Our audience feels that way. So, we we will just check off, Delivering on the promise that we made in the in the packaging and appealing and appealing to authority and then maybe like a quick outline so the people know like this is what is coming and then we’ll get into it as quickly as possible.

[28:40] And then probably the other big piece is just what we talked about making sure that when you actually get into the meat of what of of the topic that you your value to words ratio is high, You don’t go on tangents you don’t get long winded You, you know, you you just struggle with this.

[29:00] You know what you’re going to say in advance. You stick to it and you get through it as quickly as possible. Making sure that every single word that comes out of your mouth is just leading to more value. The people are getting from you. And then and then probably the other piece is just doing enough research. So that you’re able to keep that value towards ratio high and make the video long, Because longer videos YouTube that’s what YouTube’s looking for YouTube’s looking for longer videos and so if you can make your video longer without sacrificing the amount of value the people are getting as they’re watching that’s that’s the ticket and like I said if you’re in An education space you are and you’re able to pull those things off that I just mentioned, It’s perfectly fine if you just sit there in our facing the camera and there’s no editing there’s no music there’s no sound effects there’s no to use Alex’s turn whiz banks it’s just you, Talking to the camera pure value nonstop start to finish you will get you will get views you will get subscribers you will get people buying from you, Yeah, I love that. Really, really straightforward. So, good packaging. Strong intro reassure eh that they’re in the right place what you’re going to talk about ehm Authenticity or authority in in your sorry authority the three talk about creating stakes a promise I know this you know stay tuned for for tip number 17 that’s going to blow your mind that’s something we see a lot.

[30:25] And then deliver on the promise and and those that those all work I think for Every type of business but specifically for people who are doing educational type content that’s that’s what I like about that. Is there anything else in the kind of educational content sector that you think is really important or maybe the people get wrong.

[30:46] I’m actually I’m just going to shamelessly borrow from some of the insights that Alex or Mozi recently shared. I’ve already mentioned them way too many times in this in this call. And I apologize for that. But he is in a unique Situation where he’s probably posted more education content within the past several years than pretty much everyone else. And I think he said it’s like 34 1000 pieces of content or something like that. And then based on that information He and his team then analyze to see what type of content was performing best for their end goal which was making money and what he found was that, While they would make content that was entertaining, And or it was like entertainment or even just pure entertainment. The that would get lots of views. Those videos, Would not, even though they would get, you know, many, many factors greater in terms of views, it would not result in people converting to their paid.

[31:42] Offer it. They wouldn’t buy from them. They, and the way he put it was people who watch education content, just want more education content. And so to have somebody who has or I’m sorry, yeah, people who want watch entertainment content, just want more entertainment content, people who watch education content, want to learn, And they and they’re they’re trying to get somewhere. They’re trying to reach a goal. And so I think that’s a huge that alone is like a really huge. Revelation. It is so that you don’t need to waste your time trying to be silly, trying to do challenges over the top stuff to try and get to try and juice more views. You just need to make your content highly educational You need to understand the things that you and I just discussed about appealing to your audience and that that’s sufficient to get people to watch and to buy, Yeah, really interesting. And he’s somebody like, I like watching what he’s doing because I don’t like everything that he does, but You know, jeez, it is effective. You can see that like he’s he’s racking up like the amount of content that’s crazy. The amount of views and people talking about him, He he really has has his kind of content production and content marketing nailed. So he’s a good I think he’s somebody who’s useful to look at it in terms of what he’s doing okay last thing if you have another 5 minutes for me.

[33:03] You mentioned some tricks and maybe these are more advanced or maybe these things you don’t want to give away. So, but if there’s anything that you can give away, you talk about equalizing, And and pulling back some some of your competitors who who were getting ahead of of you and when your channels I’m really interested knowing what some of those tricks might look like I mean when one is one that we can already we kind of recovered which is because our clients hire us we’re then able to spend a ridiculous amount of time like researching topics So so we might we might spend a week researching and writing a script And nobody else is doing that like at least in the niches that we’re in. Very few people are like most experts. Think, oh, I’m an expert. I can just turn on the camera and say what I know. But the, but the fact of the matter is is that any given topic, you usually talking to beginners And if you talk about what you know, Hey, you might like go over their heads and be talking past them because you don’t remember what it’s like to be a beginner. But B, Even though you’re an expert there’s so many like nuanced little details that are relevant to a wide variety of situations Of your target audience that you probably won’t think of off the top of your head to include and just by doing a little research in advance you can be like oh yeah I should probably talk about that oh that’s right I’ll include this detail too.

[34:21] And and then by including those details it makes your video longer it it covers the vast majority of situations that Your target audience might encounter. And it keeps your end all the while, keeping your value towards ratio really high. So that’s that’s a huge one. This, you know, the thing that we do that makes it so that we, we, when every, almost Pretty much every time is we also have really high level editing. So, we even though you know, Alex or Mosi Ted you know oh I’m not going to do a really high level editing we found that when we do editing the very particular way, So that it emphasizes and reinforces the meaning of what’s being said, And it includes a bunch of pattern interrupts that are non and non of juice intrusive. It’s just feels like you’re watching a show while you’re learning. It just results in a much higher retention, And so that’s not something that necessarily your audience can do themselves. I mean they could if they spend enough time learning, you know, after effects that we use after effects to do most. Yeah. Yeah. It’s it’s it’s always that trade off of of time versus money, which one do you want to spend?

[35:36] And then probably also like I I’ve been making thumbnails for years and I will still make, All of our thumbnails and I I’ve gotten so good at understanding how to make a thumbnail as compelling as possible And it it would take someone years probably to get to the point where they can do something similar and the fact that I’m also the person who who is like will write a lot of the scripts a lot of the times. I know that subject matter so intricately That when I make the thumbnail I know exactly what needs to be in the thumbnail and how to appeal to that particular audience and then I can make it look amazing so that people definitely will click so these these these are the things where, Hey working with us really tips the scales.

[36:24] One thing you mention there is is, That your scripts are very detailed and and you’re covering all possible scenarios. So, Do you find that, you know, rather, you know, when you’re creating a video script and you’re going to be, you know, describing a problem. You’re actually going into every possible scenario that the viewer could be encountering that problem Is that what you’re talking about? Like you’re like you you’re recovering probably more than they actually need but it’s still relevant to them, Yeah. Obviously, you don’t want to get too, You don’t want to get into the minutia too much because then it becomes boring for people to watch so there’s definitely a balance to strike there but yeah and you can you’ll see it like if somebody if you’re looking at your competition And they made the video that did not lire like we talked about before. It has a disproportionate amount of views relative to how many subscribes they have. And you go into the comments. You will probably, if it’s like a popular video that’s gotten, you know, above 10 1000 views. You’ll probably see some of the same question popping up.

[37:23] And that’s usually a strong indication of like oh here’s an area That has been overlooked. Another another really kind of cheat code is. To ask just to ask the chat GBT like Chat DBT does a really good job of like giving you overviews of stuff. And if you have a topic in mind And you say hey Chatchy BT like what we’re talking about before family-owned businesses. If you’re like, hey, I’m a family-owned business and I want to talk about Like how to create SOPs for my business, If I’m making a video for family owned businesses like what are the primary things that they would want to know about this topic and it’ll give you an outline and just make sure that you’re checking off most of those things in the in the outline The US the expert should be able to tell like which things are good to include which things are probably unnecessary.

[38:13] When when you see experts and they’re talking maybe off the cuff or they’re actually writing a script themselves and then you compare that scripts To descript that you would write like what what’s the difference that you’re seeing? Is it that that they don’t understand like they don’t remember what it’s like to be a beginner? Is that a major one? Are there any other issues that you see? Yeah they’ll let you know they’ll use a lot of language that that like is confuses people you know that they’ll use they’ll use jargon and then they won’t explain what it means So, it’s like, of course, you’re going to lose people. It’s usually not very organized. They won’t have a good structure that makes a lot of sense and keeps pacing quick whilst while like still checking off all the things they need to check off.

[38:58] They will get lost on tangents that’s when we talked about in our previous call too where they’ll you know they’ll have something we’ll just pop into their head and they’ll they’ll just go with it and they’ll start talking about it and it’s like this is not Like this is not relevant to the majority of your viewers and I’m sure that they then see a drop off in in people in retention, And then search like they’re not thorough that it’s not circumspect like it’s not it’s not complete, They give a partial treatment of the topic. They will cover 60% of what they probably should have covered. And, After doing this as long as I have like it becomes really really obvious to me when I watch a video I’m like oh like there’s a huge opportunity here to just make a follow up video That just covers the other 40%. And so then the the other question how is like it can we can we simply do that? Like, So what what are the things I I I see people doing is creating you know Either extra videos are actually creating extra channels so they create new channel which is for a slightly different take on a topic or maybe it’s for a different format like they’ve got a podcast format and then they’ve got regular YouTube videos, And so okay so I guess there’s that’s a two parter question one is is it okay to just create another video like would you make would you make it a better video on the same topic or would you just make it for the extra 40% that you missed off the first one.

[40:24] You mean if you had a podcast episode about, No so let’s say like that like the example that you gave earlier so you’ve made a video and you’ve only addressed 60% of the topics you’re missing 40% eh any you meant you said well you know you can go make a video to address that other 40%, Would you be better off making just that 40% video or what about making a new version of the of the first video.

[40:50] Right does that impact on him? It doesn’t matter. Leave it up. Yeah, just leave it. Yeah. Yep. Leave it and then pin a comment in the in the in the top of the comments. Say click here for the updated version. And then all the the majority of the traffic that goes to the first one will then get rerouted to the second one. Right, interesting. Yeah, because I I think that you know.

[41:14] When we’re looking at YouTube one of the things you know that I think about is what like it Even like channel management and which videos to make and should I do stuff like that should I delete all their videos if they’re not popular. All of those issues come into play as well. Apart from just making this one good video. There’s all of those other things that come into play as well, Yeah. It it’s very time consuming. That’s it’s why we got into the business is because I like like I said at the start of this like business owners they recognize the power of YouTube They recognize like that it is just the king of social media but business owners are busy running their businesses. They do not have time to to like even though I just explained a lot of the things that you could do to be successful. They don’t have time to do that. And and their staff that they have is already busy and even if they hire new staff, they don’t know how to train them on how to do that. So, that’s why we do what we do. Where it’s like, well, just hire us. We’ll we’ll do everything for you. You can sit down once a week, read a script, and we’re, Off to the moon. And you mentioned earlier by the way, That the previous episode, I just want to mention that is episode 110. So, it was just a bit over a year ago in April 2023. And I’ve I’ve put AA link up on screen here. I’ll put a link in the show notes as well if you’re listening to this. Saying is there anything else that that I should have asked about YouTube about making bank on YouTube or anything else on this topic that you want to just mention before we close.

[42:39] Probably the biggest thing is to be patient. You know, on a lot of other social media platforms, you can get started and right away, start to see success and Unless you’re like a veteran in in making YouTube videos chances are it’s going to be a slow grant. Even for us. Like the like it I talked to a little bit about the last the last channel that we started. It took us a while for that channel to get going. But then once it’s going now it’s the number one channel in in the niche and you know it took us about a year to get there. And then once you’re there Your audience is so engaged like especially if you do things like live streams and regularly respond to comments your audience will absolutely love you And at any given time, you can go live and have a ton of people tune in and you can talk to them, you can answer the questions, and then they’ll be super excited that then sign up and work with you like it literally is the most Powerful marketing asset that you can cultivate. It just takes time. So, you need to have patience when you do it. Don’t be discouraged if after 3 months, you’re not seeing a lot of success.

[43:42] If after 3 months you’re not starting to see some signs of momentum That’s definitely a signal to you that you need to re you need to probably fix some things, Within 3 months you should start to see momentum if you’re putting out say like a video a week long video a week, But yeah, just if you think that you can do it, you’re comfortable on camera. I’m telling you, it’s literally the best thing that you can, one of the best things that you can do for your business.

[44:10] Love it. You can be found at 100 C dot IO. Is that right? Yes. 100 C dot IO, Awesome. And who is an ideal client for you? Hey business owner who already has a relatively successful business who wants to be on YouTube and does not have the time, To to do it themselves. Awesome. And. From I haven’t used your services but I’ve been following you for a long time spoken to you a few times now I could definitely recommend getting in touch and just having a chat So Sand Cooper thank you so much for being on the show for taking the time this afternoon I really appreciate it.


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