Are you overwhelmed by the hype surrounding AI? Do you struggle when it comes to figuring out the practical applications of AI in business?

In this insightful solo episode of The AI-Powered Business Leader, Alastair McDermott delivers a presentation to a group of business owners, simplifying the principles of AI and providing actionable strategies for using this transformative technology in your business

Drawing from his expertise, Alastair tackles the questions on every business leader’s mind:

  • How can we use AI to increase productivity and streamline repetitive tasks?
  • What are the ethical and legal considerations when using AI-generated content?
  • How can we stay ahead of the curve and future-proof our business with AI?

Through this compelling presentation, you’ll gain valuable insights:

  • AI is no longer a futuristic concept; it’s reshaping industries now, and businesses need to start implementing it to stay competitive.
  • AI can significantly increase productivity by automating repetitive tasks, analyzing research, reformatting content, and allowing experts to focus on their core expertise.
  • There are ethical and legal concerns around AI-generated content, such as potential biases, stolen training data, privacy issues, and questions of authorship and intellectual property.
  • Businesses should create an “AI-ready” culture by promoting AI literacy, exploring use cases, implementing policies, and continuously evaluating and experimenting with AI tools.


  • Appoint dedicated “AI teams” within different departments to explore AI use cases for the business.
  • Invest in AI education and training for employees to promote AI literacy.
  • Develop clear policies and guidelines for responsible and ethical use of AI, particularly concerning privacy and GDPR.
  • Continuously evaluate and experiment with new AI tools and frameworks as the technology rapidly evolves.

Don’t miss this opportunity to separate hype from reality and unlock the potential of AI for your business. Tune in as Alastair McDermott shares his wisdom on navigating the age of artificial intelligence through this informative presentation.