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Group Coaching Testimonial – Authority Labs

September 22, 2022
Episode 89
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The podcast that helps experts & consultants on the journey to becoming a recognized authority in your field, so you can increase your impact, command premium fees, work less hours, and never have to suffer a bad-fit client again!.

This is a call with a member of the Authority Labs group coaching program. 

I spoke with Rene Morozowich, one of the members of Authority Labs, and I asked her about her experience being part of the group to give you a flavour of what it’s all about, and walk you through some of the details of the program

Please listen to see if it’s something that might be a good fit to help move you forward in building your authority.

If you’re interested in learning more, see the coaching page for more information.

Show Notes

Guest Bio

Rene helps maxed-out service-based entrepreneurs create their first digital product so they can diversify their income, expand their client base and reclaim their time (and sanity)


Alastair McDermott 00:03

Hey folks, this is a special episode of The Recognized Authority podcast. So today is Thursday the 22nd of September 2022. I want to give you a heads up that Authority Labs, which is the mastermind group is starting its next cohort on Tuesday, the 27th of September, and there is one seat remaining in this cohort.

Alastair McDermott 00:26

So in today’s episode, I have a conversation that I had with Rene Morozowich, which who was one of the original members of the group. And please listen to the next 10 minutes of the episode to see if the mastermind group might be a good fit to help you move forward and building your authority. Because they asked her about her experiences as being part of the group.

Alastair McDermott 00:49

The other thing is, even if you’re not interested in joining the program, you might still be interested in this episode, because there’s a meta thing here in the questions that I asked Rene. They’re actually questions that came from Jonathan Stark, I think via Sean D’Souza. And these questions are aimed at pulling out detailed information from a customer or client to help you get good testimonials. And if any of you who have ever asked a client for a testimonial, you know why this is important, because it’s incredibly difficult to get a useful testimonial that you can actually put up on your website or get a video like this or audio, if you simply ask them for a few words about your product service. So there is that meta point there. So the mastermind group starts next Tuesday, the 27th. There’s a link in the show notes to find out more to connect with me. There is one seat remaining. So please, if you’re thinking about this, please get in touch. And I’d be happy to get on a really quick call. There is no hard sell. I’ll just explain to you what the what the group is about how it works, and let you know all of the details. So here’s Rene talking about authority labs. At Rene, thanks for coming on to chat about the group.

Rene Morozowich 02:04

Yeah, I’m excited to do it. I had a great time in the group.

Alastair McDermott 02:07

Awesome. So I have some questions. And we really talked about these a little bit. And actually, these questions just give some context for people watching the video. These are actually questions that I got from Jonathan Stark. And these are questions that he has recommended people ask. And we’ve reworded one or two of them very slightly, but to help people build testimonials and get testimonials. So that kind of feedback questions. So I’m gonna go through and just ask you those questions about the mastermind. So the first thing I’m interested in knowing about is what your biggest concern was before joining the authority labs mastermind group.

Rene Morozowich 02:44

So I think with anything that’s unknown, you’re just really not sure of the group. You know, it’s a totally new group, I had never met anyone in the group before. So I didn’t know their backgrounds, I was a little bit worried that if we had really diverse backgrounds, that we wouldn’t have a lot to contribute to each other. Or, you know, I also had a fear that like, I wouldn’t be as far along as some of the others, you know, which was true, but it turned out to be fine. So I think you just, you know, you just kind of get worried about what you think you do the what if game. So, what if I’m not good enough? What if, you know, I don’t like the people or they don’t like me, you know, that kind of stuff.

Alastair McDermott 03:25

And we’re so how did you find it then? Like, were those were those fears found in reality? Or was it Okay,

Rene Morozowich 03:34

I think it was fine. I think that, you know, I was a little bit behind, I guess, if you will just not far along in my specialization, kind of just starting out. But that was totally fine. I think we all had a lot to contribute to each other hope, hopefully, the other group members feel the same. And I really enjoyed the conversations we had both on the like, official calls, the group calls, but then, you know, really, I, I like the one on ones as well, just because we get to, you know, you get to spend a little bit more time asking all those questions to each other and finding out more, you know, digging a little bit deeper. So I really enjoyed that. That too.

Alastair McDermott 04:12

Awesome. So what did you find as a result of being part of the labs, how did it impact you?

Rene Morozowich 04:20

So I love masterminds for the accountability. So I, I’m a big person, like, if I say, I’m gonna do it, I don’t say I’m gonna do it unless I’m gonna do it. So, you know, I had to be really clear about what I was going to do for the next few weeks. And then follow through on that. So I, you know, that was one big thing that came out of it. I did a lot of writing. And I did some video as well. So that was super I got some good feedback on that. But it really just encouraged me to kind of dig deeper in, you know, my, my specialization and think about and talk with people and, you know, put myself out there a little bit more.

Alastair McDermott 04:59

Really Cool. So what did you like most about the labs?

Rene Morozowich 05:05

There were a lot of parts that I liked. You know, I love a good slack group, I’m really just glad it wasn’t a Facebook group too. I love it’s like, I couldn’t do that. I just, yes, I just, I can’t do it. But I love a Slack group, because I love to put some things there for people to come back to later. But also, when people put things there for me, I think you and I had a couple of back and forth, like, look at what this person is doing on LinkedIn, and look what that person is doing and look at what this person is doing and kind of analyzing what’s out there. And I think those are, you know, some of the specifics that were very timely. So, you know, LinkedIn is, is an entity in and of itself, but people use it differently.

Rene Morozowich 05:47

And I think, you know, we would talk about some of that. So that was cool. So I love a good slack group for putting things in, you know, the accountability coming back to it, and really just communicating with people outside of the group and one on one times. So you know, that that’s big for me, and sharing wins and all that stuff. But also, you know, just the call was like, I just like talking to the people. And, again, we didn’t have very similar backgrounds, but that was okay, and seeing how they approach challenges and how they approached content creation and video creation and kind of giving each other feedback. Like, you know, that’s really fun for me, because, again, our backgrounds are different, but we are all trying to, you know, level up and take that next step in our businesses. So like mine, and I just enjoy that. It’s cool.

Alastair McDermott 06:36

Yeah, awesome. So is there any other benefit of the labs that you found?

Rene Morozowich 06:41

I think that there were some things I wouldn’t have done otherwise. So I probably would not have put as many videos up on LinkedIn. And I not been part of the group, I batch the content, you know, which was great, I think you know, that you gave me a lot of things to think about in terms of calls to action. And I know, we spent some time talking about the hook, you know, what you should say, first, not just tell your your boring story, but like hook people in and then make people want to click read more, we talked about engagement with other people. So you know, and I’m a believer in this, like, I don’t just want to like, put all my stuff out into the world, like I do want to consume and you know, the valuable things that other people have, but kind of keep that balance where you are consuming and giving people feedback and your thoughts. But also you’re putting, you know, you’re spending time creating your own content. And, you know, asking for feedback there. So, you know, I think all of those things together.

Alastair McDermott 07:38

Really cool. So would you recommend to people to join authority labs?

Rene Morozowich 07:43

Yes, absolutely. I think that masterminds in general are so important, you know, just for the accountability, sometimes people have hot seats, or you know, whatever your mastermind format is just kind of getting together, and brainstorming and figuring out how you can take the next step. But this specifically because of the content creation, we you know, we I think we just talked about the urgent, important not important, you know, these are important things for us, you know, to build your business, you have to put yourself out there, and you have to create that content, you know, whether it’s written, or audio or video or whatever it is, experimenting with new things, I think is cool to you know, doing some things that you wouldn’t have otherwise done, or just that you wouldn’t have prioritized yourself, you know, get getting that extra push from someone else. And also that good job, you know, I’m a sucker for like a gold star. So, you know, you say make a video, I make a video and you’re like, Great job on the video, Renee, like, I love that. Like, that’s, you know, that makes me happy.

Alastair McDermott 08:41

I love it. Well, I guess everybody needs that accountability me edited. So I think I think that’s great. So but also the

Rene Morozowich 08:48

feedback to know I don’t, you know, I wasn’t just in it for you to be like, Great job, like, you know, I do, like, want actual feedback, like, Oh, hey, if you did this differently, or what about that, you know, not not just like a blanket like, you know, you’re doing a good job. So, like, I do think like, actual feedback is important.

Alastair McDermott 09:04

So is there anything else that you’d like to add?

Rene Morozowich 09:07

Yes, I thought it was really awesome that we did a test interview, a test podcast interview, in authority labs, because that really gave me a lot of feedback on the areas I needed to improve on. And I could really clearly see because I could listen back to it on where I needed to work. And I thought that was amazing.

Alastair McDermott 09:29

Yeah, cool. And you’ve actually upgraded your podcast, your your microphone, so let’s get

Rene Morozowich 09:35

this microphone.

Alastair McDermott 09:38

Very exciting. Awesome. And yeah, I’m just interested because like, you like, what why was that a big deal for you? The interview like what like what was it exactly that it helped with?

Rene Morozowich 09:49

There were very specific questions. And you know, I do like questions ahead of time, but I just really wasn’t sure what the answers were. I really just didn’t have a clear you know, full focused, you know, purpose or, you know, clear, I just, I wasn’t clear myself. So going through the test interviewer and being asked those questions and kind of stumbling through them, and then taking some time to really think back on them, you know, listen again later and kind of think about it some more, I kind of solidified the answers, and I felt more confident afterwards. So it was it was just kind of a process. I don’t know, if it’s maybe the same thing where like, you, you know, you’re at the gym, and you, you know, you’re, you’re watching in the mirror, and then you can make adjustments from there.

Alastair McDermott 10:33

Yeah, yeah, absolutely. And it’s something that it definitely gets better with practice. You know, the more times you’re asked to describe, you know, so where can people find out more? And you just start to learn how to rhyme that off? Who’s your ideal client? And what do you do for them, things like that you get used to being asked by those kinds of questions.

Rene Morozowich 10:54

That’s a huge question, I think so important for people to be able to answer because so many people answer that so poorly, like so poorly, like, and at the end, they have, they’ve explained it, you’re like, I still don’t know what they, I don’t know what they said, or I like to think of it as like, explain it to the Uber driver or explain it to your grandma. Yeah, that’s, you know, make that clear, and succinct and easy to understand. But yes, it’s important. And if you don’t practice that, verbally, you know, I think you can kind of be behind, but having the opportunity to do that was really great. Yeah,

Alastair McDermott 11:27

cool. I’m inspired to think it’s like developing muscle memory, when you just have to say the same thing over and over, you know, you get used to it.

Rene Morozowich 11:35

And maybe there’s also kind of like a mindset thing in there too. Because when you know, when you’re like me, and like I mentioned kind of feeling a little bit behind, like, the more I say it, the more I believe it. And the more I feel more confident in it. I’m like, Yeah, so I do this, and I help these people. And I’m, you know, more clear on that now than I was, and I feel better about it. And, you know, as soon as we have more confidence, other things start happening from there when we don’t have that confidence. And we’re kind of like, well, I do this and this, you know, kind of like, meekly, we you know, we’re not going to get where we want to go with that kind of matter. What’s the word like the the presentation of yourself in the world?

Alastair McDermott 12:17

Yeah, I know what you mean. And it was interesting, I was listening to an episode of The to Bob’s podcast with Blair Enns, and David C. Baker. And they were talking about how that they had noticed that when they talked to agency owners, the single biggest predictor of success of an agency was the agency owners confidence. And when they were more confidence, they were going to be more successful. And it just shows you how important confidence in mindset is.

Rene Morozowich 12:46

Absolutely, yeah. And yeah, how do you then, you know, knowing that how do you get to be more confident, you know, this kind of practice this kind of like talking about it, and putting yourself out there, you know, I think it really helps with the confidence in the video to like, you can’t, I’m gonna say you can’t mess up on video, but you can’t really fake your way through a video, people can see that they can see you. So you have to put that energy and passion behind your specialization and your interest to come across like that. So that’s it. It’s another great I think vehicle. I feel like we’ve touched on all the points of it, right? All the group calls, the individual calls, some of the specific lessons, the slack group, like,

Alastair McDermott 13:25

awesome, if people who listen to this or watch this, want to find out more about you, where can they go?

Rene Morozowich 13:31

Yes. So my new specialization that you know, that I’m kind of trying to develop here, by I guess, depending on when you’re listening to this, it might not be new anymore, but scenic route digital, it’ll be in the show notes, because I don’t know maybe people can’t spell it. But also follow me on LinkedIn. And hopefully, I will keep up my LinkedIn posting to make you proud.

Alastair McDermott 13:52

Awesome. And all of that will be in the shownotes wherever you saw or listened to this!

Alastair McDermott 13:57

Rene, thank you so much for being on!

Rene Morozowich 13:59

Thank you.

Alastair McDermott 14:02

So thanks for listening. And if you’re interested, check out the link in the show notes. And that will bring you straight to find out more about authority labs. And like I said there is one seat remaining in this cohort, and it starts next Tuesday the 27th. So please do reach out if you think that this might be a good fit for you. I’d be happy to talk you through the details. See you next time.

Voiceover 14:29

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