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Introducing Authority Accelerator

May 22, 2023
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The podcast that helps experts & consultants on the journey to becoming a recognized authority in your field, so you can increase your impact, command premium fees, work less hours, and never have to suffer a bad-fit client again!.

Introducing “Authority Accelerator”

In this episode of The Recognized Authority, your host Alastair McDermott shares an unexpected change in plans. He also takes the opportunity to share details on a new service offering: Authority Accelerator.

Recently, Alastair has been sharing 60-second video snippets on a daily basis. You may have seen these short vertical videos, extracted from various recordings featuring podcast guests such as Chris Do, Alex Sheridan, and Carol Cox.

The Authority Accelerator service – which is currently in the testing phase – transforms interviews, calls and long-form video into high-quality daily bite-sized clips for social media with minimal effort on your part.

We are offering an exclusive opportunity to The Recognized Authority podcast listeners and email subscribers to sign up for a pilot of the service at a significantly discounted rate. We are doing this to fine-tune the process and gather testimonials and social proof.

Authority Accelerator is currently running the pilot program until the start of June 2023 so it is a time-sensitive pilot offer with limited availability.

Imagine your LinkedIn being updated with top-notch videos daily, helping generate leads, expand your audience, and establish your authority. The commitment on your part is a maximum of two hours per month.

We can only take a handful of participants at this stage, so if you’re interested in boosting your social media presence and building your authority with daily high-quality videos, check out Authority Accelerator.


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Alastair McDermott


Alastair McDermott  00:00

Hello, and welcome to another episode of The Recognized Authority. I’m your host, Alastair McDermott, today’s episode, it’s going to be a little bit different from what I received planned because for the first time in 117 episodes, I didn’t have the content ready to publish that we wanted to publish, because we had a last minute cancellation from the guest on Friday.


Alastair McDermott  00:19

Friday morning, we found out that he wasn’t available because of whatever reason. And unfortunately, we had planned to go live late on Friday evening. And so that’s why you would have seen on my socials, I announced at an event, a live broadcast event. And these things happen. And I do normally have a backlog of three or four weeks, at least, sometimes longer than that. And because I was away for about a month of burn through that backlog.


Alastair McDermott  00:42

But I have four great interviews lined up in the next two weeks. So I will certainly have an interview for you next week. But I do have something that I want to share with you today. I don’t want to leave you totally empty handed, I wanted to take the opportunity to share some more information about the pilot program that I mentioned in the last episode.


Alastair McDermott  00:57

So I want to introduce you to Authority Clips Daily, you might have noticed if you looked at any of my social profiles, so for example, my LinkedIn, my YouTube channel, there’s been shorts going up there a short video going up there every day, there’s been a short video going on LinkedIn every day, Instagram, and if you’re even on Tik Tok, you have to notice that I have some videos on Tik tok, someone’s videos are me. And sometimes it’s people like Chris Do, Alex Sheridan, Carol Cox, MICHAEL ZIPURSKY. These are all former guests on the podcast.


Alastair McDermott  01:25

And so what I’m doing is every day I’m putting out a 60 second video clip, and putting them out in this vertical video format. And the reason I’m doing that is because all of the social media channels are really pushing these in particular Instagram, and YouTube and TikTok. Because there’s kind of a war between TikTok and Instagram at the moment for attention and growth. And so they’re really pushing this style of content. And so I started create this for myself, I talked to my coaching clients about this. And they were interested in knowing if I could help put that together for them as well.


Alastair McDermott  02:00

Now the other thing is I’ve expanded my team a little bit, I’ve brought in a video editor and a writer as well. And so we actually do have capacity. So that’s where this Service Authority Clips Daily has come from. And so I’m testing it with some some of my clients at the moment. And I’d like to expand that test. And that’s why I am running a pilot program from now until the first of June. And what I want to do is I want to take on a handful of people who are interested in that service.


Alastair McDermott  02:28

And so how it works is we take an hour or two hours of video. And that’s video of you, or you speaking with a guest maybe on a podcast, or maybe could be you talking with me on a on a zoom call, there’s different ways that we can approach it. But we get this content. And what we do is we go through it and look for the really key high quality moments from that. And we take that and we wrap it up in this in this vertical format. And so we’re putting up high quality video every single day of the month. And I think it’s really powerful, because it just means that you are putting out great content. It’s the kind of content that social networks really love. But it’s also high quality content that builds your authority.


Alastair McDermott  03:09

So either it is you speaking with a high profile guest and getting some really insightful stuff from them. Or it’s you speaking directly to the camera and giving some insightful comments and tips and things like that.


Alastair McDermott  03:22

So yeah, so I’m looking for a handful of people to come in, we’re still testing our processes, and we have SOPs for a lot of different things. So we’ve got two different styles of videos. Well, when I call corporate theater called TikTok style, I’m sure you kind of have an idea what that looks like. We’re offering this to people right now to people who are on the email list or who are podcast listeners, because I don’t want to start promoting it to a larger audience until we have everything nailed down.


Alastair McDermott  03:50

So this is an exclusive opportunity, because it’s deeply discounted. And I’m just looking for a couple of people to come in and test it and make sure that we get everything all buttoned up and make sure everything is working right, the time commitment for you is an absolute maximum of two hours a month. That’s how it works. Because the idea of this is that everything is delegated. That it’s hands off for you.


Alastair McDermott  04:10

So if you would like to create video content for maximum of two hours a month, and then have a video to go out on your social media every single day. And it could be on one platform or all of the platforms, then reach out, you can find more at or click on the links in the show notes, authority clips dailies and in the program. We’re going to do a public launch in some time in June. But before that, I just want to get a few more people on board and and test out the systems and things. I think it’s a really cool offer. And I’ve had a lot of people express interest in what I’ve just talked to them about it. So if you think that something might be interesting, please do reach out.


Alastair McDermott  04:50

I apologize for not having the content that I said last time. I would have an interview for you this week. It’s unfortunate, but I appreciate your understanding. And we’ll have some really great interviews for next time. So thanks for listening and see you next time.

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