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Leveraging AI in Expert Businesses

I’m excited to share a re-post of an interview I recently did on the unbillable hours podcast with Flo & Ash. We had a fascinating discussion about the practical uses of AI tools like ChatGPT in content creation and marketing. In this wide-ranging conversation, we cover when and how to

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How Constant Online Accessibility is Burning You Out

Are you feeling the strain of burnout? Can’t remember the last time you felt genuinely rested? In this episode of “The Recognized Authority”, Alastair McDermott hosts burnout expert, Jimmy Burrows, to discuss  the challenging terrain of burnout. From the pressure of working long hours to the pitfalls of constant online

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How I Produce Quality Content in Just 2-4 Hours a Week

In this week’s episode of The Recognized Authority, I share how I create high-quality content in just 2-4 hours of my time per week. My focus is on producing quality content that resonates with my target audience on social media. I dedicate time blocks for content creation and leverage strategies

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Why Livestreaming?

My word of the year is “live”. Yeah, I realise it’s February and I’m a bit late to the party with that whole thing 🙂 You know how some folks take a “duvet day”? Well I did that, except I took the whole month off! That time allowed me to

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