How does an aspiring thought leader worried about staying authentic and credible in the age of AI?

As artificial intelligence tools become increasingly sophisticated, the question arises: can we leverage these powerful technologies without compromising our unique insights and personal touch?

In this fascinating episode of The AI-Powered Thought Leader podcast, host Alastair McDermott dives deep into the tension between thought leadership and AI-assisted content creation. Joined by a special guest, he explores the nuances of using AI as a tool to enhance your expertise while maintaining your authentic voice.

Some valuable topics covered include:

  • Defining thought leadership and its core principles
  • The potential benefits and risks of AI in content creation
  • Practical tips for striking the right balance between AI and human expertise
  • Ethical considerations and transparency around AI use
  • The future of thought leadership in the AI era
Will AI undermine the value of human effort and marginalize intellectual labor? Or can we harness its power to amplify our ideas and reach new heights of influence? Tune in to this thought-provoking conversation to discover how you can authentically embrace AI as an aspiring thought leader.

Tools mentioned in the podcast:

  • ChatGPT: Brainstorming, planning, script writing
  • Custom GPT: Private version of ChatGPT for personalized planning
  • DALL-E: Podcast cover art, image generation
  • Midjourney: Advanced image generation
  • ElevenLabs: Generating voiceover from text
  • Boomy: Generating background music options
  • Runway: Generating video clips from prompts
  • Claude: Creating show notes from transcripts
Host: Alastair McDermott
Topics: ai, thought leadership, authenticity, content creation, ethics, intellectual property, human expertise, augmentation

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