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Alastair McDermott

Thought Leadership and AI: Maintaining Authenticity and Credibility

In this episode of The Recognised Authority podcast, Alastair examines the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the world of thought leadership. Alastair shares insights from his conversations with renowned thought leaders, including Mark Schaefer, Jonathan Stark, Debbie Jenkins, and Erin Austin. The episode explores the complex balance between leveraging

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AI vs. IP? A Legal Perspective on AI and Content Creation

Feeling lost in the legal complexity of AI-powered content creation? Seasoned lawyer Erin Austin shares essential insights that will empower business leaders and content creators to navigate the complex legal landscape surrounding the use of AI-powered tools for content production. She explains the complexity of legal issues surrounding AI, particularly in terms of intellectual property laws., Erin a lawyer based in the US, emphasizes the significance of understanding the inputs that go into AI systems, ranging from training data to personal information. She stresses the importance of having clear policies on how AI platforms can be used, especially in scenarios involving sensitive client information.

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Authenticity, Creativity and AI-Assisted Content Creation with Chris Do

The AI-Powered Thought Leader podcast, hosted by Alastair McDermott, invites Chris Do, a renowned thought leader and influencer, to discuss the fascinating intersection of AI and authentic thought leadership. In this thought-provoking episode, they explore the challenges and contradictions that arise as the power of AI seeps into the realm of creative expression and idea generation.

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Mark Schaefer on Maintaining Authenticity with AI

Is the rise of AI writing tools a blessing or a curse for thought leaders? How can you leverage AI’s power to create more content, while still maintaining an authentic personal brand? That’s the central dilemma explored in this episode of The AI-Powered Thought Leader podcast with host Alastair McDermott and guest Mark Schaefer.

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Thought Leadership Beyond the Book

Amazon is now limiting authors to a mere THREE (3!) new book uploads per DAY to curb the influx of AI-generated content flooding the market. This highlights the existential threat AI poses to thought leaders and authority builders in an age where artificial intelligence can seemingly replicate any form of

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How to Stop the Credibility Crisis with Debbie Jenkins

Are you worried that using AI could undermine your hard-earned credibility as a thought leader? On this episode of The AI-Powered Thought Leader podcast, host Alastair McDermott talks to Debbie Jenkins, an expert on authentic branding and author of the book “Stop the Credibility Crisis.”

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What is the Future of Thought Leadership?

How does an aspiring thought leader worried about staying authentic and credible in the age of AI? As artificial intelligence tools become increasingly sophisticated, the question arises: can we leverage these powerful technologies without compromising our unique insights and personal touch? In this fascinating episode of The AI-Powered Thought Leader

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AI and the Future of Thought Leadership

How does an aspiring thought leader worried about staying authentic and credible in the age of AI? As artificial intelligence tools become increasingly sophisticated, the question arises: can we leverage these powerful technologies without compromising our unique insights and personal touch?r.

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Can thought leaders use AI in an authentic way? Introducing The AI-Powered Thought Leader

Can thought leaders use AI in an authentic way? Or is that a contradiction in terms?

The reality is that just like in every other field, AI’s integration with thought leadership is inevitable. It’s more a question of how it happens, rather than if it happens.

You might not be concerned about AI making your ideas obsolete.

But you might be concerned about the fact that AI can spit out really high quality content in seconds.

What then becomes of the human journey, and the intellectual labor creating and cultivating these insights? Is our role to be reduced to that of curator or editors of machine generated content and machine generated thinking?

I’m excited to share the trailer for my new show “The AI-Powered Thought Leader”! I’m going to speak with experts in thought leadership and in AI. The show will cover practical issues, I’ll demonstrate some of the tools I use myself and talk to others about the tools that they’re using, and we’re going to explore the cutting edge of technology that’s coming online now. We’ll also cover the more difficult questions about ethical implications, intellectual property, upholding authenticity, and the future of thinking itself.

🎙️+📺 SHOW: The AI-Powered Thought Leader podcast explores the intersection of artificial intelligence and thought leadership in the digital age. Join us as we have insightful conversations with ithought leaders and AI experts, and providing fresh perspectives on navigating the evolving landscape of AI.
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How to Become The Recognized Authority In Your Field

If you’re an independent consultant, expert, or professional services provider, one of the biggest goals is to establish yourself as THE go-to authority that clients seek out in your specific area of expertise. Being regarded as the recognized authority allows you to command premium fees, be more selective with clients,

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Journey to Becoming a Master Sommelier with Tim Gaiser

Sensory Acuity, Communication, and Storytelling in Wine with Tim Gaiser Have you ever felt intimidated or confused when looking at a wine list? In this episode of Accelerating Your Authority, host Alastair McDermott interviews Tim Gaiser, an internationally renowned Master Sommelier and wine expert. They discuss Tim’s fascinating journey into

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My Guinness World Record

I may have a Guinness World Record. I don’t know if they have “Longest Time to Start a Podcast” record, but if they do I have that locked in.  I first started planning a podcast in July 2014, and it pains me to say that it took nearly 7 years

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What action are you taking for 2024?

What action are you taking for 2024? In advisory services our role is to steer our clients with well-informed advice. ➡️ This advice is often rich and crucial. ➡️ But ultimately advice is worthless without action. ➡️ The real value of advice is the action it prompts. Without follow-up action,

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Your 2024 strategy?

We’re in the final run in to the holidays, 2024 is around the corner and at this time of year many of the folks I talk to are thinking about their content & authority strategy for the next 12 months. What do you envision for your business in 2024? Are

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How can we accelerate authority marketing?

Yesterday I wrote about the fact that authority marketing is slow and why you should do it anyway. TL;DR: because just like going to the gym, you WILL see life-changing results if you can trust the process and stick with it for a significant period of time. And I know

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Why is authority marketing slow?

Yesterday I wrote about the three roadblocks in building authority. Let’s dig in a bit more into #1: getting results from authority takes time – measured in months, not years. First of all, let’s look at why is this a roadblock TO building authority, rather than a limitation OF building

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