Building authority and creating expert content with the goal of becoming a recognized authority – or a thought leader – is not an easy path.

It’s work.

You need to dedicate time, effort and resources to be dedicated to the strategy.

So, is it worth it?

Today I had a super chat with a future guest of the podcast, Susan Baier.

Susan does a lot of research around thought leadership, and she has specifically asked this question in her 2022 research “The ROI of Thought Leadership”. Here’s what she found:

Regardless of segment, the majority of respondents strongly feel that their thought leadership content activities are achieving their business goals.

Those goals include:

  • Keeping clients longer
  • Increasing the quality of prospects
  • Gaining more opportunities to engage with ideal clients
  • Attracting higher-quality employees
  • Gaining a competitive edge

(That sounds pretty worthwhile to me)

I’ll be chatting with Susan on the podcast in a few weeks and will dig into this more!


P.S. I’ve got two open spots for 1:1 coaching. If you’d like some help and accountability around building authority – positioning, messaging, and content strategy – I’d love to help, hit reply and let’s chat.