Yesterday I wrote about the fact that authority marketing is slow and why you should do it anyway.

TL;DR: because just like going to the gym, you WILL see life-changing results if you can trust the process and stick with it for a significant period of time.

And I know there are folks out there prepared to be patient and stay the course.

I also know there are folks out there who would love to be patient and stay the course, but you have bills to pay. A mortgage, a family, life.

I’d love to tell you that I have a magic, secret, super-duper formula that if you follow step by step, you’ll be able to “10X your revenue in 30 days while you sleep”.

(If anyone tells you that: RUN – do not walk – to the nearest exit).

The truth is that authority marketing has time limitations built-in.

I think there’s a few different reasons, but in summary it’s because:

A) Authority is based on trust — which requires consistent demonstration of expertise over time.

B) Building an audience is slow.

C) Creating content takes time.

So how can we accelerate authority marketing?

馃憠 Short answer is: we can’t.

馃憠 Longer answer is: optimize what we can, AND use other methods of lead gen in parallel until the authority flywheel is up to speed.

What other methods of lead generation should we use?

Well, that’s up to you, but your choices are probably referrals or cold outreach, and if you’re in the professional services space like most folks reading this, then it’s referrals (because of the huge requirement for trust).

The good news is that we can use the same tools that we use for content creation to accelerate relationship building – and therefore referrals.

How are you doing lead generation for your business right now? Are you considering changing anything? I’d love to hear about it – hit reply and let me know!

– Alastair.

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