I understand folks who aren’t feeling the love for AI.

In fact, think if I wasn’t a podcaster I might be quite a bit slower on the uptake with it myself.

But because podcasting workflow has so many moving parts – depending on how you approach it – I have experimented A LOT with AI to see how I could be more productive and still create high quality output.

And AI excels when you provide it good input – like the transcript of a conversation between two experts.

(In fact, it also excels at creating that transcript.)

AI isn’t going away.

I think anyone with an expert services business needs to learn more about using it properly.

Play around with ChatGPT or Bard or Bing.

Ask it for recipes, or to summarise key insights from a book, or ask it to brainstorm ideas for blog posts. Or summarise a long email, or draft a polite reply.

Ask it to “act like an XYZ expert” before giving your question.

Be conversational. Imagine you are in a chat conversation with someone, and follow up with your questions, tell it where the output needs improvement.

Just play around with it.

And be polite!

Just kidding.

But no, do be polite. Y’know, just in case…