An authority platform is a trusted and respected source of information. It is created when an expert is present in a space, publishing educational, expert *content*.

“Content” is one of those words that can be problematic.

It falls short of conveying its true significance as it is so incredibly bland and generic.

I think that brings its own kind of danger: there’s a risk inherent in this oversimplification, that leads to an undervaluing the crucial impact and importance of content in a business context.

As someone deeply engaged in “content marketing” I view it as a crucial tool for establishing authority and connecting with your audience.

I believe in creating content that resonates with the needs and challenges of your target audience, providing value, showcasing your expertise, and in doing so, building trust and authority.

That’s why quite often I refer to it as “authority marketing” instead. That word brings more gravitas and talks about the goal rather than the thing itself.

Is this just semantics? Are you bought in to the value of content marketing or authority marketing? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

– Alastair.

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