Are you worried that using AI could undermine your hard-earned credibility as a thought leader?

On this episode of The AI-Powered Thought Leader podcast, host Alastair McDermott talks to Debbie Jenkins, an expert on authentic branding and author of the book “Stop the Credibility Crisis.”

Debbie explains that as AI writers become more prevalent, there is a growing crisis of trust – how can audiences discern human-created content from AI output? She shares insights on maintaining the critical balance between creating desirable content that stands out, while also building trust through demonstrating true expertise.

In this value-packed episode, you’ll learn:
• The role of personal branding in an AI-saturated world
• How to use AI as a tool to augment your thought leadership, not replace it
• Strategies for infusing your unique voice and experiences into AI-assisted content
• Techniques to signal your human authenticity to combat AI misinformation

Don’t let the rise of AI undermine your credibility as a thought leader. Tune in to learn how to harness these powerful technologies while staying true to your brand.

Key Insights:
– There is a growing “credibility crisis” as AI-generated content becomes more prevalent, making it harder to discern authentic human-created work.
– Thought leaders need to balance creating desirable, attention-grabbing content with building trust by demonstrating real expertise.
– Using AI as a tool can augment a thought leader’s work, but the human input, voice and perspective need to be evident.
– Personal branding and sharing real stories/experiences helps signal authenticity in an AI-driven world.
– Setting strict instructions/guidelines for AI assistants is key to maintaining your unique voice.

– Upload samples of your own written work to create a customized GPT model trained on your style
– Set clear boundaries and guidelines for AI tools about your brand voice, vocabulary, etc.
– Use AI for supplementary tasks like grammar help, title ideation, but put your human stamp on it
– Ask AI assistants tailored questions about personal experiences AI cannot replicate

“If the AI could write it, why should a human read it?” – Debbie Jenkins (29:16) on The AI-Powered Thought Leader

“Use it as a tool, but it has to have you in it, otherwise it could be anybody and we’re not interested in anybody, we’re interested in the real person.” – Debbie Jenkins (31:09) on The AI-Powered Thought Leader

“For me, thought leadership – the people who are thought leaders are the ones who break from that brain and get something into the world.” – Debbie Jenkins (2:58) on The AI-Powered Thought Leader

“Credibility is managed through three things – disruption, creation and connection.” – Debbie Jenkins (4:52) on The AI-Powered Thought Leader

ai, thought leadership, personal branding, content marketing, credibility, expertise, authenticity

Guest: Debbie Jenkins. Host: Alastair McDermott.

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