Is the rise of AI writing tools a blessing or a curse for thought leaders? How can you leverage AI’s power to create more content, while still maintaining an authentic personal brand? That’s the central dilemma explored in this episode of The AI-Powered Thought Leader podcast with host Alastair McDermott and guest Mark Schaefer.

Mark is a renowned marketing author, speaker, and educator – an undisputed thought leader in the space of personal branding. In a fascinating discussion, he shares:

  • His personal experiences attempting to use AI to write his latest book
  • The limitations and strengths of current AI writing tools
  • Ethical considerations around disclosure and attribution
  • Strategies for using AI as an “assist” without losing authenticity
Will AI make human thought leaders obsolete, or simply amplify our abilities? Tune in to hear Mark’s insightful perspectives on this complex issue.

Key Insights:
  • AI writing tools struggle to capture the unique voice, stories, and insights of human thought leaders
  • There’s a balance between leveraging AI’s assistance and maintaining authenticity
  • Disclosure and transparency around AI usage is important for building trust
  • Personal branding may be a key defense against being replaced by AI writers
  • AI can augment thought leaders by helping with research, brainstorming, and optimizing content
“If you are known, if you are trusted, if you are beloved in your field, you’re going to be okay. Everybody’s going to still read your blog, hire you to speak.” (24:41) – Mark Schaefer, The AI-Powered Thought Leader

“To be the person that the world will turn to, in a certain area on a certain subject that’s more important than ever and in fact it’s the only thing we’ve got left.” (35:00) – Mark Schaefer, The AI-Powered Thought Leader

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