Are you worried that AI will make your business obsolete? In this episode of The AI-Powered Business Leader, host Alastair McDermott talks to renowned consultant Alan Weiss about navigating the AI revolution.

AI promises huge efficiency gains, but is it a substitute for human expertise? Alan argues that overreliance on AI can lead to the “dumbing down” of critical skills. He emphasizes the importance of staying unique and providing true value that AI can’t replicate.

In this insightful discussion, you’ll learn:

  • The role of “high-touch” service in an AI-driven world
  • Strategies for using AI as a tool without losing your competitive edge
  • How to build a brand that attracts clients based on your distinct value
  • Practical examples of the human element making a difference

Don’t miss this chance to future-proof your business and thrive in the AI age. Tune in now!

Topic: ai, business strategy, professional services, branding, value-based pricing, high-touch service

Speakers: Guest: Alan Weiss. Host: Alastair McDermott.

Key Insights:

  • AI should be used as a tool, not a substitute for human expertise and value
  • Relying too much on AI can lead to the “dumbing down” of essential skills
  • Businesses must focus on providing “high-touch” personalized service to stand out
  • Building a strong personal brand showcasing unique value is crucial
  • Adopting value-based pricing over hourly rates can increase profitability


  • AI has its uses but shouldn’t fully replace human mental acuity
  • Businesses using AI for customer service may lose the personal touch


  • AI is currently overrated and lacks nuance/personal voice (Alan Weiss)
  • Value-based fees better represent a consultant’s worth than hourly rates (Alan Weiss)


  • AI is a tool that should enhance, not replace, the unique value humans provide
  • The “high-tech, high-touch” balance is key for businesses to stay competitive
  • Building a strong personal brand focused on specific results is essential

Quotes: “If you want to coast, you can only coast downhill. So you’ve gotta grow. So the law of business is – large and small, doesn’t matter, any business – is that you have to grow, to sustain itself. And to grow, you have to innovate.” – Alan Weiss on The AI-Powered Business Leader


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