Are you feeling overwhelmed by the rapid advancements in artificial intelligence? Do you wonder how AI will impact your business, your workforce, and your industry? You’re not alone!

In this episode of The AI-Powered Business Leader podcast, host Alastair McDermott sits down with AI expert Justin Collery to discuss the undeniable, seismic shift that AI is bringing to every aspect of business and society.

They dive deep into the practical implications of AI, exploring the latest advancements in large language models, the power of AI agents, and the crucial role of capturing tacit knowledge in a world of rapid technological change.

Justin and Alastair also address the growing concerns around data privacy and security, highlighting the need for both individuals and businesses to proactively manage these risks.

This episode is packed with valuable insights and practical advice that you can implement today to prepare your business for the future of AI.

Here are just a few of the key takeaways:

  • The importance of capturing tacit knowledge – Record every meeting and store transcripts to unlock the hidden wisdom within your organization.
  • Reimagine your business from the customer’s perspective – Identify points of friction and leverage AI to streamline processes and deliver a superior customer experience.
  • Empower your employees with AI tools – Provide access to powerful tools like ChatGPT and Claude, but ensure data privacy and security measures are in place.
  • Embrace the future of work – Prepare for a world where AI automates tasks and your employees can focus on higher-level, more creative work.

Key Insights

  • The AI revolution is happening now, and it will significantly impact every business and industry.
  • Businesses need to actively embrace AI and proactively develop strategies for its integration.
  • Capturing tacit knowledge through meeting recordings and transcripts is essential for future AI-powered decision making.
  • AI will significantly impact the future of work, automating tasks and freeing up employees for more strategic roles.
  • Businesses must take data privacy and security seriously, implementing appropriate measures to mitigate risks.
  • The current AI tools are already powerful, but the true potential lies in the future development of more seamless and user-friendly tools.


  • AI will not just change the way we work, but also how we live, communicate, and learn.
  • Organizations need to move beyond simply providing AI tools to employees and actively automate tasks and processes.
  • While powerful AI tools are available, the integration and adoption of these tools can be hindered by the inertia of organizations.
  • Despite concerns around data security, the benefits of AI for businesses far outweigh the risks.


  • Organizations that fail to adapt to the AI revolution will be left behind.
  • The future of business will be defined by the successful integration and implementation of AI.
  • The key to unlocking the full potential of AI lies in understanding the specific needs and challenges of individual businesses and industries.

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