What’s the common thread here?



Write a book

Start a podcast

Choose healthy food

Spend time with family

Catch up with old friends

For many these are in the Important/Not Urgent quadrant.

They don’t demand immediate attention.

They have payoffs far in the future.

Often they’re uncomfortable.

Put off until another day.

Client work is priority.

I’m 100% with you on this.

I was speaking with a thought-partner recently, and they said something like “It’s hard to focus on work that isn’t directly paid”.

I 100% agree. Cash is king.

No matter the scenario, first take care of cash-flow. Take care of your Maslow hierarchy

Once you’ve made a bit of breathing room on that, then look a little further down the road past the current circumstances and consider your Important/Not Urgent activities.

The ones that will always get kicked down the road.

Should you do something with longer time horizons, like start a podcast or write a book? Start a blog or email list?

If you choose NOT to do it, that’s okay!

But make it a conscious choice.

– Alastair.

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