I wrote about the huge benefit of having a platform where you can invite someone to share your stage. This ability to invite and showcase a guest is a major benefit of podcasting as a component in your overall authority platform, and a super-power for networking.

There’s another major benefit that comes from podcasting specifically: a podcast can be a forcing-function for consistency.

There’s a tacit agreement that you enter when you start a podcast on a regular basis -that you are going to continue to publish on a consistent cadence.

And let me tell you, speaking from years (decades – almost!) of experience of trying to publish authority content on a regular basis, it was only when I started the podcast that I finally managed to be truly consistent at publishing.

We’re coming up on episode 150 of The Recognized Authority podcast, and they’ve gone out week-in, week-out at 6:01am every Monday morning.

Most experts realise that in order to build authority, they need to publish content to share their knowledge and demonstrate their expertise in public. But it’s so difficult to do it.

Before I started podcasting, I knew the importance of it, but I found it nigh-on impossible to publish at a fraction of that kind of consistency.

Being beholden, even to a tiny audience, where you’ve said “I’m going to publish an episode every Tuesday for the next 2 months” has an amazing power of just making it happen.

Are you trying to create more content on a regular basis? Finding it difficult? Hit reply and tell me about it, maybe I’ll have some tips for your specific situation.

– Alastair.

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