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Rochelle Moulton 
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The podcast that helps experts & consultants to rapidly build authority so that you can command premium fees, cherry-pick the best projects, get off the gilded-hamster wheel of hourly-rate work, and never have to suffer a bad-fit client again!

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Episode 29

How to Tell If Your Brand Is in Adolescence with Evelyn Starr

After an initial growth period of several years, it’s quite common for a business to hit an inflection point where they start to level off or even start to struggle.  In this episode Evelyn Starr and Alastair McDermott discuss how this happens and what you can do about it. Evelyn uses the analogy of teen […]
Episode 28

How to Create Great Thought Leadership with Andrew Rogerson

What does it mean to be a thought leader? What is thought leadership content, and how is it created? In this episode Andrew Rogerson and Alastair McDermott walk through the actionable steps that you can take to create thought leadership content, from the strategic overview to research, writing the content and then repurposing it in […]
Episode 27

How to Create the Perfect Podcast Pitch with Mai-kee Tsang

Guesting on podcasts is a fantastic way to get your message in front of a new audience and build your authority. But the majority of pitches received by podcast hosts are terrible! In this episode Mai-kee Tsang and Alastair McDermott discuss why most podcast pitches are bad, how podcast guesting is such a fantastic opportunity, […]
Episode 26

How to Stand Out As a Consultant with Luk Smeyers

Consultants are not in the business of selling methodologies – you’re in the business of solving a client’s problem. You need to be laser focused on your client and on solving their problem. In this episode Luk Smeyers and Alastair McDermott discuss why consultants say that they don’t have time to do marketing, and how […]
Episode 25

How to Make PR (and Your Words) Work for You with Kate Warwick

The world of journalism and PR can feel nebulous to experts and consultants who don’t interface with that world. But it can be a fantastic way to reach new clients and build relationships. In this episode Kate Warwick and Alastair McDermott discuss how to develop your messaging and positioning to take advantage of PR.  They […]
Episode 24

Improving Your Salescraft with Brendan McAdams

Most consultants love their work – but they don’t love selling their work.  In this episode, Brendan McAdams and Alastair McDermott discuss how to qualify your prospective clients so that you can sell more effectively. We discussed the fundamental principles of sales that are often overlooked, and get into the psychology of why someone might […]
Episode 23

How to Write Useful Books with Rob Fitzpatrick

Many consultants consider writing a book. It can be an invaluable marketing tool that can generate new business, demonstrate your expertise, and position you as the authority in your field. But from a business perspective, most books are a failure. In this episode Rob Fitzpatrick and Alastair McDermott discuss how to ensure your book is […]
Episode 22

Behind the Scenes: The Rebrand with Alastair McDermott

This one is a little bit different – it’s a behind the scenes look at the rebrand that we did recently for the podcast where we rebranded from Marketing for Consultants to The Recognized Authority. This episode is a conversation with my friend – and former business partner – Alistair McBride. We wanted to dig […]
Episode 21

How to Grow a Consulting Firm into a Business Empire with Peep Laja

Growing a consulting business is not easy, turning it into a business empire is a formidable challenge. In this episode, Peep Laja and Alastair McDermott discuss how Peep grew his SEO consulting firm by niching down and creating high value content. They also discuss how every company is becoming a media company for their niche. […]
Episode 20

The Final Episode of Marketing for Consultants

The Final Episode with Alastair McDermott Marketing for Consultants will soon be no more! In this short episode you’ll learn why it’s going away, and what’s going to happen next! We hope you’ll stick around for the next stage of the journey! Alastair & Aiko.  
Episode 19

How to Productize Consulting Services with Alzay Calhoun

As a consultant, bespoke projects can sometimes get overwhelming as you have to customize the project specification and the delivery for every new project and client. In this episode Alzay Calhoun and Alastair McDermott discuss how to productize your consulting services to leverage your time and maximise profits. They also discuss how Alzay has used […]
Episode 18

How to Create the Best Buyer Personas with Adrienne Barnes

There’s a thousand different articles and voices telling us how to create buyer personas, or ideal customer avatars, or ICAs, or one of a dozen other names. Often the recommendations of how to use these personas are contradictory. In this episode, Adrienne Barnes and Alastair McDermott discuss how to create a buyer persona that’s actually […]
Episode 17

How to Scale Your Consulting Business with Brad Farris

When you’re trying to grow your consulting firm, there are a couple of inflection points you can hit that are difficult to push past.  In this episode, Brad Farris and Alastair McDermott discuss how Brad now uses his extensive experience of buying  agencies and creative firms to help owners to scale up without wanting to […]
Episode 16

How to Leverage Your Expertise with Intellectual Property with Erin Austin

It’s not always obvious what intellectual property assets you have, or their value to you as a business. It could be a signature methodology, an audit process, or something as simple as document templates. In this episode, Erin Austin and Alastair McDermott discuss how intellectual property can play a vital role in your business.  They […]
Episode 15

Transparency Report: Behind the Scenes Numbers!

Bonus Episode! Transparency Report: Behind the Scenes Numbers Normally I do interviews, but today I’m doing a solo recording sharing what I call a transparency update. If you’re open to it, think that it’s good idea to share some numbers from your business. It can be good for accountability, it can be good to be […]
Episode 14

Win More Clients by Working With Your Competitors with Dana Lindahl

It can be difficult to reach out and connect with new people on LinkedIn without coming across like a spammer. In this episode, Dana Lindahl and Alastair McDermott discuss how to use LinkedIn to win more clients through outbound and inbound lead generation. They also discuss how working with your competitors can be a positive, […]
Episode 13

Partnering to Reduce Risk & Do More Exciting Work with Frank Hannigan

Winning large projects as a solo consultant can be difficult. Partnering up with trusted peers allows you to pitch for bigger projects, smooth out the “feast or famine” rollercoaster, and allows you to brainstorm ideas. In this episode, Frank Hannigan and Alastair McDermott discuss how to get clients, do successful inbound marketing and have fun […]
Episode 12

Bringing Joy Into Your Marketing with M. Shannon Hernandez

Marketing isn’t often thought of as a joyful activity – in fact, it’s usually quite the opposite, being thought of as stressful,  ineffective, or even worse in the minds of some consultants. In this episode, M. Shannon Hernandez and Alastair McDermott discuss how to approach marketing in a joyful way that makes it less of […]
Episode 11

Growing an Advisory Business to Six Figures in Just Two Years with Paddy Delaney

The world of financial advice is dominated by large financial institutions in Ireland. Yet one independent financial advisor stands out as a trusted source of information. In this episode of you’ll hear Paddy Delaney tell me how he used his podcast to grow his financial advisory business to six figures in 2 years..
Episode 10

How to Stand the F*ck Out with Louis Grenier

[Explicit Language Warning] How can you stand out from the crowd when you are offering the same services as a thousand other consultants? Radical differentiation is the answer. In this episode you’ll hear Louis Grenier describe the steps you need to follow to Stand The F*ck Out.

About the podcast

The Recognized Authority is the podcast that helps experts & consultants to rapidly build authority so that you can command premium fees, cherry-pick the best projects, get off the gilded-hamster wheel of hourly-rate work, and never have to suffer a bad-fit client again!

This podcast features interviews with successful consultants – in any field – who are willing to share the ups and downs of their story to inspire and educate our listeners.

We also interview marketing and sales experts who have a message or lesson that is relevant for a B2B professional services audience.

We’ll cover all aspects of business developement, sales, marketing and lead generation with advice, tips and in-depth analysis specifically aimed at independent consultants & specialized consulting firms.

Alastair McDermott

Podcast Host & Marketing Consultant

Meet the host

I created the The Recognized Authority podcast to help experts & consultants to rapidly build authority so that you can command premium fees, cherry-pick the best projects, get off the gilded-hamster wheel of hourly-rate work, and never have to suffer a bad-fit client again!

I’m a former software engineer who has converted to “The Dark Side” becoming a business and marketing consultant. I built my first website on GeoCities in the before-time of 1996, and I’ve been hooked on websites ever since.

I left a safe corporate job in early 2007 to start and grow my digital marketing business during the worst recession in modern history – that was a wild ride!

Along the way I co-founded several start-ups, some of which were mildly successful, and I wrote a book called 33 Ways Not to Screw Up Your Business Podcast”.

If you’re reading this, I’d love to connect with you on the socials – please add me on your social network of choice.

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