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The podcast that helps experts & consultants to rapidly build authority so that you can command premium fees, cherry-pick the best projects, get off the gilded-hamster wheel of hourly-rate work, and never have to suffer a bad-fit client again!

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How a Distinct Brand Voice Sets You Apart as a Thought Leader with Carol Cox

Are you struggling to make your voice stand out in a crowded marketplace? Do you feel invisible, even if you offer incredible value through your expertise?  In this episode of The Recognized Authority, brand strategist Carol Cox shares her proven system to craft a magnetic brand voice that positions you as an authority and thought […]

Building Authority vs a Personal Brand with Karley Cunningham

Are you struggling to differentiate your consulting business in a competitive market? Wondering how to turn your brand promise into reality so prospects see you as the authority? On this episode of The Recognized Authority podcast, host Alastair McDermott interviews branding expert Karley Cunningham from Big Bold Brand on the differences between building a personal […]

How To Reinvent Your Consulting Business

Have you ever faced an unexpected disruption that turned your business upside down? That’s exactly what happened to consultant Diane S. Hopkins when the COVID pandemic caused many of her healthcare clients to freeze projects indefinitely. So how did she manage to pivot not just once, but several times over a 3 year period to […]

Behind the Scenes 2023 and Planning for 2024

In this episode, I give you a quick whistlestop tour of what worked and what didn’t for me in 2023, and lay out my plans for the business in 2024. I discuss the journey of this podcast, The Recognized Authority, which has shown steady growth across 152 episodes. I also touch on my shift to […]

Podcast Case Study: Planning a Niche Show with Conor Duffy

Are you struggling to identify the right niche and audience for your podcast? Do you need clarity on who you should be targeting and what topics to cover? This episode of The Recognized Authority tackles a real case study, walking through the podcast planning process from initial idea to execution. Join host Alastair McDermott as […]

How to Build Authority and Generate Leads Through Conversations with Alastair McDermott

Want to work work with Alastair? Visit Are you an expert consultant struggling to attract your ideal clients? Do you pour time and money into marketing that fails to deliver results? The truth is that stale, one-way marketing no longer works to fuel real business growth. In this episode of The Recognized Authority podcast, […]

How to Launch Your First Digital Product with Rene Morozowich

Are you struggling to launch your first digital product? Not sure how to validate your ideas or what type of offering to create? Tune into this insightful interview between host Alastair McDermott of The Recognized Authority podcast and digital product expert Rene Morozowich as they dive into the most effective strategies and step-by-step process for […]

How to Win Clients Without Selling with David Newman

Are you an expert who hates selling? Do you struggle to attract high-paying clients without being pushy or salesy? In this episode of The Recognized Authority podcast, host Alastair McDermott interviews expert consultant and author David Newman about his unique approach to winning new business. Tune in as David shares: His “helping call” framework for […]

How to Build a Million-Dollar Authority-Based Business with Mindi Zissman

Are you struggling to establish yourself as the go-to expert in your niche? Do you wonder how specialists become famous industry authorities that attract premium clients? Tune in to this value-packed interview on The Recognized Authority podcast between host Alastair McDermott and featured guest Mindi Zissman, an accomplished ghostwriter and content strategist who built a […]

How to Build Authority with YouTube with Salma Jafri

Are you looking to build your personal brand, authority and influence as a consultant, coach or expert? Wondering how to leverage YouTube to attract more of your ideal clients? In this episode of The Recognized Authority, Alastair McDermott interviews YouTube strategist and coach Salma Jafri on how to grow your impact and income with YouTube. […]

Man vs Machine: Where Should We Draw the Line with AI Writing Tools?

Are you worried that using AI writing tools means you didn’t actually write your own content? Where exactly should we draw the ethical line when leveraging artificial intelligence for content creation? In this thought-provoking episode of The Recognized Authority podcast, host Alastair McDermott debates these tricky questions with returning guest Joe Casabona, expert podcaster and […]

How to Build Authority Through Public Speaking with Lucy Bloom

Have you ever struggled to engage an audience with your message or expertise? On this week’s episode of The Recognized Authority podcast, host Alastair McDermott interviews Lucy Bloom, an award-winning international speaker and consultant. Lucy shares her journey from an advertising executive with no public speaking experience to highly sought-after keynote speaker at major conferences. […]

How to Grow Your List To 50,000 Subscribers with Brennan Dunn

Tired of working every hour delivering custom services on hourly rates? Wish your subscribers felt more valued and engaged? Renowned online entrepreneur Brennan Dunn joins host Alastair McDermott to share his journey from agency work to selling digital products. After building a successful consultancy, Brennan yearned for something scalable. He took a leap of faith, […]

Authority Bootcamp: Kick-start your Journey to Authority

In this episode, I introduce you to Authority Bootcamp, a 4-week program starting on November 9th, designed to help experts build authority in their field. I break down the weekly agenda from refining your positioning and LinkedIn profile to practical content and video creation. The bootcamp emphasizes real content creation during live sessions, eliminating the […]

Why Your Solution-Focused Content Doesn’t Motivate

We all want more recognition for our expertise. But the path to becoming a recognized authority is not always clear. In this episode, I reflect openly on an oversight in my own authority-building journey: not focusing enough on the pain points and problems that my audience and ideal clients are experiencing. This is a topic […]

How to Craft Crystal Clear Messaging with Steven Lewis

In this power-packed episode, master copywriter Steven Lewis reveals the hidden science behind crafting crystal-clear messaging that compels action. Drawing on decades of experience, Steven dives deep into the psychology of communication, sharing little-known tips for breakthrough marketing. You’ll learn why most website copy fails to connect, the crucial difference between addressing needs versus wants, […]

Leveraging AI in Expert Businesses

I’m excited to share a re-post of an interview I recently did on the unbillable hours podcast with Flo & Ash. We had a fascinating discussion about the practical uses of AI tools like ChatGPT in content creation and marketing. In this wide-ranging conversation, we cover when and how to effectively utilize large language models […]

Not a Fad: Why AI is Important for YOU

AI is transforming how experts like you work. But many resist adopting AI tools out of legitimate fears. In this episode, Alastair McDermott argues that AI is here to stay and offers practical tips on how you can harness it to increase your productivity and impact. Alastair shares examples of how he already uses AI […]

How to Stand out in a Crowded Marketplace

Do you feel like just another face in the crowd? In today’s crowded marketplace blending in can spell disaster if you want to attract ideal clients and increase your impact. You need to learn how to differentiate yourself and become the only choice. In this episode of The Recognized Authority, host Alastair McDermott interviews branding […]

Unpacking My Marketing Funnel and Content Strategy with Alastair McDermott

Ever wonder how to build a marketing funnel with content that generates leads and sales? In this behind the scenes episode of The Recognized Authority, I’m unveiling some of the the inner workings of my content marketing funnel and strategy that have been instrumental in building authority and reaching my audience. In this episode, I […]

About the podcast

The Recognized Authority is the podcast that helps experts & consultants to rapidly build authority so that you can command premium fees, cherry-pick the best projects, get off the gilded-hamster wheel of hourly-rate work, and never have to suffer a bad-fit client again!

This podcast features interviews with successful consultants – in any field – who are willing to share the ups and downs of their story to inspire and educate our listeners.

We also interview marketing and sales experts who have a message or lesson that is relevant for a B2B professional services audience.

We’ll cover all aspects of business developement, sales, marketing and lead generation with advice, tips and in-depth analysis specifically aimed at independent consultants & specialized consulting firms.

Alastair McDermott

Podcast Host & Marketing Consultant

Meet the host

I created the The Recognized Authority podcast to help experts & consultants to rapidly build authority so that you can command premium fees, cherry-pick the best projects, get off the gilded-hamster wheel of hourly-rate work, and never have to suffer a bad-fit client again!

I’m a former software engineer who has converted to “The Dark Side” becoming a business and marketing consultant. I built my first website on GeoCities in the before-time of 1996, and I’ve been hooked on websites ever since.

I left a safe corporate job in early 2007 to start and grow my digital marketing business during the worst recession in modern history – that was a wild ride!

Along the way I co-founded several start-ups, some of which were mildly successful, and I wrote a book called 33 Ways Not to Screw Up Your Business Podcast”.

If you’re reading this, I’d love to connect with you on the socials – please add me on your social network of choice.

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