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authority building

Positioning Yourself as the Go-To Expert in Your Niche

Are you struggling to position yourself as an authority in your industry? Do you feel overshadowed by more established peers and competitors? If you want to attract high-value clients and truly showcase your expertise, this episode of The Recognized Authority podcast is a must-listen. Host Alastair McDermott tackles a listener

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Thought Leadership Beyond the Book

Amazon is now limiting authors to a mere THREE (3!) new book uploads per DAY to curb the influx of AI-generated content flooding the market. This highlights the existential threat AI poses to thought leaders and authority builders in an age where artificial intelligence can seemingly replicate any form of

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How to Build Authority with YouTube with Salma Jafri

Are you looking to build your personal brand, authority and influence as a consultant, coach or expert? Wondering how to leverage YouTube to attract more of your ideal clients? In this episode of The Recognized Authority, Alastair McDermott interviews YouTube strategist and coach Salma Jafri on how to grow your

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Why You Need to Share Your Knowledge

In the context of expertise, building your personal authority is about gaining credibility, trust, and recognition. And once you start building authority, you will start getting more inbound leads, which enables you to command premium fees and work less hours. That’s the end goal. How do we build authority?

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Episode 100: Ten Tips for Building Authority

Episode 100 of The Recognized Authority This is a special episode to mark the end of Season 1 of the show. In this episode, your host Alastair McDermott shares behind-the-scenes details from the podcast. He also shares his Top Ten Tips on Building Authority, based on the conversations he has

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