There are many challenges in building authority, from having a defined, focused niche to time management, to technical & tactical details.

The thing I struggle with most is taking imperfect action.

I think this is a great way to describe the concept, in major part because I think saying “my biggest challenge is that I’m a perfectionist” sounds like a horrible humblebrag from a bad job interview answer!

Imperfect. Action.

When boiled down to the basics, building authority is about publishing or broadcasting – in some form – on a consistent basis, about your focused area of expertise.

Publishing or broadcasting helps to disseminate your ideas, demonstrating your expertise, and grows your audience.

The action is creating the content and hitting the publish button.

The imperfect is your willingness to hit the publish button despite the fact that you know it could be better if you just spent another hour or two on it.

Almost every piece of content ever published could have been done better.

At some point there’s diminishing returns.

There’s value in having a large body of work out there, attracting attention, helping your ideal clients with their problems, and growing your audience one person at a time.

I know this article could be better, but hitting Publish is better than Save As Draft and coming back to it in a couple of weeks.

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