There’s a massive benefit from creating a podcast that you don’t get with most other platforms: the power of invitation.

I speak to a lot of experts and thought leaders about the choices they have when building their authority platform. And I’m very pro-podcasting, for a number of reasons.

The number one reason is invitation. When you have a podcast, it’s a platform that you can invite others to share.

There is literally no better LinkedIn connection request than “I’d love to have you as a guest on my podcast”.

It’s accepted every time.

In a major part it’s because of the ego thing. You’re telling them “I’m judging you worthy of being showcased in front of my audience. I’m taking a risk on your behalf”.

Another factor that comes into play with this invitation is the fact that podcasts are a well-known and understood concept. Apple and Spotify have made sure of that.

Interesting things about inviting folks onto your podcast:

  1. You are raised to your guest’s “level” in the eyes of the audience, i.e. you are seen as a peer of your guests. This cannot be underestimated; people like Jaime Masters have made literal millions from this concept.
  2. You can use a step-by-step process of invitations to get progressively more high-profile guests on the show. For example, I’ve had Bob Burb, Alan Weiss, Marcus Sheridan, Rochelle Moulton, John Lee Dumas, Evelyn Starr, Chris Do, and Mark Schaefer on my podcast.
  3. You can invite your ideal clients on your podcast to build relationships with them.

Apart from the invitation thing, podcasts have several other benefits over other channels and platforms. I’ll go through some of these next time.

Are you thinking about starting a podcast? Or already have one? Hit reply and tell me about what you’re doing – I’d love to hear more.

– Alastair.

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