Why I’m using AI every single day… and you should too:

I got a DM the other day, asking about my “new focus” on AI.

I get it, I certainly have been talking about AI a lot recently. But it’s not a new focus.

I’m all about helping experts become recognized as an authority in their field. That’s been right there in my business name for several years now. I am all-in.

The simple fact is AI is DIRECTLY connected to this.

To become recognized as an authority in your field you have to create content.

Or “publish” if you prefer that wording.

You have to share your expert knowledge with a wide audience.

And if you’re doing that in 2023+ without using AI to some degree, I think you’re nuts. Really!

Refusing to use AI in content creation is like an accountant refusing to use spreadsheets and calculators.

Man using abacus

You may be a master of the abacus but we’re past that era now.

I get that you might be feeling AI overwhelm, or sick of it. But honestly, it’s too important a tool not to address.

Right now is like 1997 and people are going crazy about this new thing called the Internet (we even capitalised it at the time). And a lot of people at the time – including the likes of Bill Gates – figured it was just a fad.

It wasn’t just a fad, Bill!

The capabilities of AI are incredible, and growing daily.

Here’s a list of things I’ve actually done myself with AI just in the past few weeks to give you some ideas. They range from the simple to the incredibly complex:

📚 Suggest 15 great titles for my most recent book
📣 Write a promo event description for a livestream I’m running
💻 Create working code for webpage in 60 seconds based on a photo of a simple drawing I made
🎙️ Process 120+ hours of transcribed conversations to extract & summarise key insights
💡 Suggest 15 ways I could use those key insights in my content
🎙️ Outline a 12-module training course on podcasting for business owners
✏️ Give me 5 alternative titles for the training course
📣 Write a marketing description of the training course for promotion on social media
🎨 Create a cover image graphic for the training course
💻 Code and write a website sales page for the training course
🧠 Imagine a conversation between Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle about personal branding and authenticity
🎤 Combine a blog post I wrote with some podcasts I appeared on to create a genuine sounding interview with me as the guest.
🗣️ Create the audio for that interview by cloning my voice.
🎥 Create a video for that interview from a still photograph of me.
🎥 Create a 100% animated video with music and voiceover just from a blog post text

In fact, I’ve shared pretty much all of the above with you somewhere in my email or podcasts (let me know if you need help finding any of it).

I’m not changing my focus to AI, but I would suggest that you focus some of your attention on it.


Play around with it.
Get comfortable using it.
Try it out for day-to-day tasks.
Figure out the limitations and weaknesses.
It’s here to stay, and it’s going to have a massive impact.
It’s surely better to take advantage of it rather than watch it go by.

This video will help:

If you want my help, reach out here.