An authority platform is a trusted and respected source of information. It’s created when an expert is present in a space, publishing, educating, and being a source of knowledge.

Marcus Sheridan answered customer questions on his website, massively growing his business to dominate his industry. David C. Baker, alongside his co-host, uses his podcast ‘The 2Bobs’ as a platform to showcase their expertise. Alan Weiss primarily builds his authority through books, starting with ‘Million Dollar Consulting’. And Chris Do has a staggering 2.3 million YouTube subscribers.

My personal favourite is podcasting because it’s so flexible, and you can combine content creation and building relationships. And unlike some of the others, a podcast is a platform that you can invite others onto – and I’ve been honoured that all the folks I mentioned above have given me and my audience an hour of their time to come on and chat on my podcast.

Which is the best authority platform is debatable, as each has unique advantages. And you get to combine them any way you like – e.g. I combine my podcast with livestreaming to social platforms and YouTube.

What authority platforms do you use currently? Hit reply and help me know.

Tomorrow, I’ll discuss what I think is the Minimum Viable Authority Platform.


P.S. If you’re interested in building an authority platform that also generates leads rapidly, I can help – let’s talk.