There are many options you can choose as a platform to build your authority. Here’s what I consider to be the “minimum viable authority platform”.

A reminder: an authority platform is a trusted and respected source of information that is created when an expert is present in a space, publishing, educating, and being a source of knowledge.

What does the minimum viable version of that look like?

For me it’s important that your audience can:

馃摉 Consume the content they’re interested in
馃敂 Follow or subscribe to get regular updates
馃攳 Discover more of your body of work

There are multiple options that meet these criteria, from social platforms like LinkedIn to YouTube channels, podcasts to blogs and even email.

Email stands out for several reasons:

1) You own the relationship with your audience, unlike social media platforms. With email, you’re not at the mercy of platform changes, algorithms or shutdowns.

2) The dual nature of email means that a one-to-many broadcast can seamlessly transform into a one-on-one conversation when someone hits reply. This is invaluable.

3) It’s relatively simple and straight-forward.

Where email loses out is the discoverability part – and that’s why all my emails are archived on my website blog.

Audio and video platforms have their advantages, but they also come with higher technological demands and a steeper learning curve compared to starting with writing. I think the real power is when you start to combine these platforms.

Do you have an authority platform or platforms? Where do you hang out? Hit reply and let me know 馃槈