What do recognized authorities do to establish visibility & credibility?

As someone very interested in authority building, I look closely at what platforms they’re on, how they show up, and what they talk about – and how to replicate it.

There are patterns.

⭐ Publishing credibility establishing content on several social channels
⭐ Appearing on other authorities platforms to reach new audiences
⭐ Core content pieces like books & podcasts
⭐ Research of some kind – often related to the books

If you’re working on building your authority, here’s a simple framework:

1️⃣ Ensure your positioning is tightly focused – see the free resources on specialization on my website link in bio
2️⃣ Do some research to learn more about the problem your market is encountering
3️⃣ Start writing & publishing to social networks on topics related to the core problem you solve
4️⃣ Create a core content piece like a podcast, a book, or both.

“That sounds like so much work, how can I ever find the time for all that?”

I know, I’ve been there. There are two things you can do about that.

👉 The first is simply working on your time management listen to The Recognized Authority 🔊 episode 64 with Faheem Moosa, and 🔊 episode 66 with Heather Chavin to learn more on this.

👉 The second is to combine your efforts:

Research can be done in many different ways – one of those is to speak with people.

And a great way to do that is to interview them on your podcast.

That also gives you plenty of content pieces – audio, video, quotes, and more ideas than you’ll ever be able to write about.

Use that for your social content, and start putting a framework around what you learn – this can become the outline for your book.


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