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Rochelle Moulton 
Author of The Authority Code

Guiding invisible experts on the journey to becoming a recognized authority in your field, so you can increase your impact, command higher fees, and work with better clients.

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How Constant Online Accessibility is Burning You Out with Jimmy Burroughes

Are you feeling the strain of burnout? Can’t remember the last time you felt genuinely rested? In this episode of “The Recognized Authority”, Alastair McDermott hosts burnout expert, Jimmy Burroughes, to discuss  the challenging terrain of burnout. From the pressure of working long hours to the pitfalls of constant online availability, they explore the many […]

The Go-Giver Approach to Authenticity & Authority with Bob Burg

Can you build authority and trust by just being yourself? Legendary sales trainer and author Bob Burg joins host Alastair McDermott on Episode 134 of The Recognized Authority to discuss how to build authority and influence through authenticity and generosity. They explore the difference between moral and positional authority, and why character and consistency are […]
Episode 133

Behind the Scenes with AI: How to Enhance not Replace Human Creativity

Have you ever wondered how you can use AI to turbocharge your content creation? In episode 133 of The Recognized Authority, your host Alastair McDermott takes you behind the scenes to reveal how AI can be harnessed to enhance (but not replace) human creativity. Get ready to dive into Alastair’s real-world experiments, insights, and practical […]

Why Your Lead Magnets Aren’t Working and How to Fix It

We all know lead magnets are supposed to build your email list. But what if simply collecting emails is the wrong goal entirely? In this turnaround episode, Alastair McDermott is the guest on The Recognized Authority, with special guest-host Al McBride asking the questions. Alastair shares how most people get lead magnets wrong – they […]

How NOT to Screw UpYour Business Podcast – with Douglas Burdett

Ever wondered how to elevate your business podcast to world-record levels? Today’s episode is a special one: a cross-post of my recent appearance on The Marketing Book Podcast, hosted by Douglas Burdett. We dive into key insights from my book, “33 Ways Not to Screw Up Your Business Podcast.” Learn how to plan your show, […]

[Coaching Call] How to Structure A New Livestream for Maximum Impact

Do you have a livestream or podcast, but struggle to get traction? Or have you been dreaming about starting one, but feel overwhelmed by the technical hurdles? This conversation is for you. On this practical episode of The Recognized Authority, Brendan McAdams sits in the coaching chair with host and content strategy coach Alastair McDermott. […]

Time Management to Drive Profitability and Growth with Irma Parone

Is Your Problem-Solving Actually Solving Problems?  Many business leaders, including myself, have battled with ineffective decision-making processes. In this episode of The Recognized Authority, author Irma Parone joins host Alastair McDermott and shares her eight-step model to tackle business challenges head-on.  We candidly discuss the ripple effect of our choices, from the often-underestimated consequences of […]

How to Elevate Your Brand with Bite-Sized Video

In a world where social media is king, creating great content that represents your brand and that actually brings in leads feels like an uphill battle. Time constraints, unclear messaging, and the constant pressure to create new content and stand out leads to confusion and frustration. But what if there was an easier way? In […]
Episode 127

The Art of Long-term Content Strategy with Dan Holt

Ever felt the tug-of-war between short-term gains and long-term goals in your marketing? In this episode of The Recognized Authority your host Alastair McDermott chats with the Dan Holt about the essentials of content strategy. Highlights include: 🎯 Strategic Foundations: Why a clear brand strategy is non-negotiable before any channel activity ⚖️ The Delicate Balance: […]

How I Produce Quality Content in Just 2-4 Hours a Week

In this week’s episode of The Recognized Authority, I share how I create high-quality content in just 2-4 hours of my time per week. My focus is on producing quality content that resonates with my target audience on social media. I dedicate time blocks for content creation and leverage strategies like repurposing, delegation, automation, and […]

How to Create Effective Thought Leadership Content with Florian Heinrichs

Are you struggling to make an impact with your content? Do you feel like you’re stuck at the starting blocks? There is an intricate blend of art and science behind effective content creation. In this episode of The Recognized Authority, host Alastair McDermott speaks with Florian Heinrichs about the significance of content generation for consultants […]

How to Nail Marketing the Simple Way with Camille Moore

Discover how to do simple but effective marketing on this episode of The Recognized Authority Podcast with our guest, Camille Moore.  Camille and Alastair discuss the fundamental principles of marketing, understanding your audience, creating a persistent presence, and providing educational content, all wrapped in an authentic persona. They discuss the importance of  microscripts,  storytelling, and […]

Mastering Your Mindset: How to Survive Extreme Challenges with Damian Browne

In the often lonely journey of running a business, mastering your mindset and self-talk is critical. In this episode of The Recognized Authority we explore this connection between mindset, self-talk, and success in challenging circumstances with extreme adventurer and former professional rugby player Damian Browne. Host Alastair McDermott and Damian discuss the transition from professional […]

Craft a Compelling Podcast That Hooks Your Audience (and Makes You Money) [Coaching Session]

Discover the secrets to planning and launching a compelling podcast or livestream show in this enlightening episode of The Recognized Authority. Host Alastair McDermott, a business coach and marketing strategist, invites back Nina Froriep, video marketing expert and founder of Clockwise Productions. Nina shares her goals for starting a new podcast or livestream show – […]
Episode 121

Maximizing Revenue with Expert Video and Podcast Content with Sheryl Plouffe

Can experts monetize content? Can they do it when they don’t have a large audience? In this episode of The Recognized Authority, Alastair speaks with Sheryl Plouffe, host of the Cash in On Camera podcast, and founder of Scalable Business Accelerator. They discuss realistic and effective approaches to monetize content through strategic relationships, turning them […]

Six Essential Steps to Drive Sales and Leads with Louise McDonnell

In this episode of The Recognized Authority, Alastair McDermott chats with award-winning social media trainer and strategist, Louise McDonnell. Louise outlines a six-step strategy to enhance sales and lead generation, giving us an actionable roadmap to success.  Alastair and Louise also discuss the importance of planning, website and social media optimization, captivating content creation, audience […]

How to Get High-Ticket B2B Consulting Clients Using LinkedIn with Kathleen Celmins

In this episode of The Recognized Authority, Alastair McDermott chats with Kathleen Celmins about LinkedIn outreach, and why experts often don’t get paid a premium. Kathleen shares her strategy for LinkedIn outreach and gives a walkthrough detailing specifically how she does it. You’ll also learn why experts often struggle to receive fair compensation and Kathleen […]

How to Achieve Flow State and Master Productivity with Alistair McBride

What does “flow” mean, and does it really improve productivity? Alastair McDermott and Alistair McBride discuss flow state and deep work in episode 118 of The Recognized Authority. They discuss practical tips for optimizing your morning routine and tackling high-value tasks for maximum impact. Explore the cost of context switching and the importance of uninterrupted […]

Introducing Authority Accelerator

Introducing “Authority Accelerator” In this episode of The Recognized Authority, your host Alastair McDermott shares an unexpected change in plans. He also takes the opportunity to share details on a new service offering: Authority Accelerator. Recently, Alastair has been sharing 60-second video snippets on a daily basis. You may have seen these short vertical videos, […]

How to Plan Your Podcast with Alastair McDermott

In this episode of The Recognized Authority, Alastair McDermott talks about the critical elements that can ensure podcast success. He offers a wealth of wisdom gained through his own experiences. This episode is a special excerpt from Alastair’s audiobook, “33 Ways Not To Screw Up Your Business Podcast”. Alastair explores the vital aspects of planning […]

About the podcast

The Recognized Authority is the podcast that guides invisible experts on the journey to becoming a recognized authority in your field, so you can increase your impact, command higher fees, and work with better clients! This podcast features interviews with successful consultants – in any field – who are willing to share the ups and downs of their story to inspire and educate our listeners. We also interview marketing and sales experts who have a message or lesson that is relevant for a B2B professional services audience. We’ll cover all aspects of business developement, sales, marketing and lead generation with advice, tips and in-depth analysis specifically aimed at independent consultants & specialized consulting firms.
Alastair McDermott

Podcast Host & Marketing Consultant

Meet the host

I created the The Recognized Authority podcast to help independent consultants and experts to get more clients without being dependent on referrals.

I’m a former software engineer who has converted to “The Dark Side” becoming a business and marketing consultant. I built my first website on GeoCities in the before-time of 1996, and I’ve been hooked on websites ever since.

I left a safe corporate job in early 2007 to start and grow my digital marketing business during the worst recession in modern history – that was a wild ride!

Along the way I co-founded several start-ups, some of which were mildly successful, and I wrote a book called “Running a Website with WordPress: A Quick Guide for Business Owners”.

If you’re reading this, I’d love to connect with you on the socials – please add me on your social network of choice.

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